Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Friday Matt turned 25. It was a weekend of surprises.  It was a lot of work, and very stressful, but we pulled it off and I think that he had a wonderful birthday.

Lets recap.

Thursday: I left work a little early and drove out to Dulles Airport and picked up Matt’s parents and sister. We drove to the apartment, and they waited in the hallway. I went in and told him there was something for him in the hallway but I couldn’t bring it in. He walked out and was pretty shocked to see his family. We went to dinner and then played rockband. I made Matt’s birthday cakes for his party.

Friday: We went to the National Geographic Museum to see the terracotta warriors. It was absolutely amazing to see these life size works of art. To think they were created over 2200 years ago. So cool. I would love to go to China and see the real thing.


Matt’s mom and I left them to go shopping for the party while they took a tour of the Capitol. Now I had been planning Matt’s party for a while, and about 2 weeks ago, he found out about it. So I told a little white lie and told him it was on Saturday so he wouldn’t expect it on Friday. (I promise I didn’t enjoy lying to my boyfriend) We shopped, and made appetizers for the party. My parents helped us with their amazing streamer job.


Totally not showing it in all its amazing glory but you get the idea.

Then we went to dinner. We sent Matt and his dad to get something on the way home from dinner. He came home and was genuinely shocked to see all of our friends here. He got a ps3 from his parents and I gave him tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld.


Matt’s mom telling stories

Saturday: We had a tour of the west wing this am. We were a little bummed when we got to the oval office and were not allowed to see it. The president was working, on a Saturday. Bummer. My boss was who was taking us on a tour, so the twins were with us. Which was a good thing. Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, 200px-Rahm_Emanuel,_official_photo_portrait_color came out of the office, and walked over to us. We were looking into the cabinet room. He came over and talked to the babies, and then told us to come into the cabinet room. (no one on the tour is allowed in their, and photos are not allowed in the west wing.) He told us to put the babies in  his chair, and then took a picture of all of us in the cabinet room.


This was amazing. Totally once in a life time, and will never happen to anyone else on tour. Totally makes up for not getting to see the oval office. I shook the chief of staffs hand today. Amazing.

When I went on the White House holiday open house, I got super lucky and saw Bo, the first dog.


Who knows what will happen when I go on the tour with my family.

Saturday afternoon consisted of cleaning up the apartment from the party and napping. We had dinner and went off to the Kennedy Center to see Jerry Seinfeld. He was hilarious. I loved it, best birthday present ever. :-D At least I think so.

Tomorrow everyone goes home, :(. It was a whirl wind weekend. with lots of surprises. Very fun. I hope Matt had a wonderful birthday. I love him very much.

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