Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthdays, dads and a high jacked vacation

This weekend we celebrated my Grandmother’s 80th birthday! I still don’t believe she is that old. She sure doesn’t act it! I wanted to throw a big party and invite her friends and our family, but she didn’t want that. So small family outing it was.

We went to a local BBQ place. I made her cake. She got some crazy gifts from my uncle, which was hilarious. All around a good time.


Ozzy really Uncle Mickey?



Father’s day was last weekend. We went to church, then down to both sets of grandparents to celebrate. We gave my dad an Orioles shirt and money towards O’s tickets.  We have already planned the game we are going to! We had a big meal and then took naps  and sat around annoying each other… and by annoying each other I mean Austin using my grandparent’s little claw thingy to annoy everyone else!



In other news: My parents swore off family vacations a while ago. They vacation without us children now. This year my mom informs me that they are driving to GA, spending a few days there, then driving to FL and spending a few days there then my dad is driving home and she is staying there.

Well, I decided I wanted to go too. So I worked it all out, got the time off, made sure my dad would drive back early enough for me to get to work on time and then invited my brother. I didn’t think he would be down to go , but his leave matches up perfectly, so he said yes.

So the Eubanks’ are going on a road trip, we haven’t actually done this in a few years, so maybe we have all matured and this will be painless….maybe. Dad changed the dates on me, so now we are leaving on the 4th of July… slightly more lame, but getting to go back to GA and see where I grew up, and see old friends will be worth missing fireworks with my friends this year.

I am sure there will be fun stories. Open-mouthed smile