Sunday, February 7, 2010

How We Met

Mama M at five crooked halos is hosting a Valentines Extravaganza. I don’t know if I will be able to link up everyday, but at the risk of embarrassing the boy, and having him whine about it, I am tonight.
Today’s theme is How you met your love or best friend.
I think I will share both.
My Love:
Technically we met sometime around the last week of August 2003. I moved into 6120 Ellicott hall at the University of Maryland to start my Freshman year. He lived in 6122. (I was the last girl dorm on the girls side, and he was the first guy dorm) I ended up making a couple girlfriends, but was mostly friends with the guys. Most of the girls on my hall were just not my type, but the couple that were are dear friends. Matt was one of the guys that we always hung out with. We all went to dinner together, to sports games (he gave my roommate the signed football from the football coach – I still won’t let him live that down!) Even when I moved to a different dorm sophomore year I still hung out with them all the time.
Fast forward to Junior year. My roommate and I wanted to go somewhere for spring break this year. Matt is from Miami, and mentioned that we could come down. So we took him up on it. A few of us flew down to Miami for a few days in the sun. He took us to the beach ( I saw models from 8th and Ocean – the MTV show walk right by me on south beach! Made my day) We all had a lot of fun. Matt took us to the tennis tournament that is held there every spring. My first time getting to see the pros. From there he took us to the airport. He wasn’t flying home for a couple more days.
As soon as he got back to UMD he came right to my apartment (I don’t think he even unpacked-which is big for him, he always unpacks as soon as he gets home- I don’t)  Now having him there wasn’t abnormal. But over the next few days he kept coming down. We had a class or two together ad so I was just always seeing him. I didn’t really think too much of it. Then one night he said he wanted to go to The Fe ( one of my favorite bars) and for some reason none of our friends wanted to go. I mean come on guys it is only a random weekday night! We are in college. Oh well, losers. :-D Well, we get a booth, and he pretty much chugs his beer. Then drops it on me. “I like you, as more than a friend.” OH MY GOD. This is Sap( what our friends and me at the time called him- I don’t anymore, I can’t date a guy named sap) I have never though of him like that. He goes to the bathroom and I start texting my roommate. “omg meg, sap likes me – what do i say? Do i like him? omg omg omg”  He was also in the bathroom texting her too. Little did I know he had talked to her about his love for me (ok it wasn’t love then) she told him to tell me. So while I wasn’t 100% sure about this I wasn’t appalled. I needed to think about this. It was a bit of a shock. We hung out a lot, and I finally let him off the hook and decided this could work out.  Now he is my best friend and the love of my life. :-D

I still have a bestest girlfriend. I think they both can be my best friend because they are different. Her story is great. It starts with hate.
My best friend:
One Sunday I walked into church and my mom “Mrs. Social Butterfly” comes running over and tells me I have to ask these two kids who are new to sit with us. (at the time, most of the youth sat together. Me “Miss Quiet and Shy” wanted to murder my mom, and said no. She glared at me, probably threatened to take away the computer or the tv, and off I went.
It was a guy my age (10th grade) named Troy and a girl in middle school named Aubrey. Great mom. So I ask them to sit with us, and they did (because their mom made them) So they became active in the youth group. I started dating that boy. Aubrey hated me, she was so mean to me. I didn’t really like her either but I tried to be nice because she is the sister of my boyfriend who I really liked. 6 months later she must have decided I wasn’t going anywhere because she started tagging along with us (but really she just wanted a ride to the mall and we were going there) The more she hung out with us, the more we started to like each other. Then we became friends. Troy would leave and go to work and I would stay and hang out with her. Sometimes I saw her more than him. We started joking that if Troy and I broke up it would suck for him because I would still be around. Guess what, we broke up, and I drove straight to his house, walked in and laid in her bed and cried. He never did get rid of me until she moved to FL. I miss her very much. We still text and IM almost everyday and we are both training for half marathons, though her race is next week. She better go run today.
aub Grad (11)
So there you have it, how I met my love and my bestest. Hope it wasn’t too sappy. Sorry honey if I embarrassed you – it’s because I love you. :-D and no, I am not taking it down, sorry.

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