Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine’s Day

Better late than never right?  I told my self multiple times to get this post written so it could go up Monday, but never got around to it. I was too busy stuffing my face with chocolate covered fruit.

So I was supposed to run a 5K Sunday am, but with all the snow it has been postponed. I had already told Matt I wanted it low key this year because I figured I would be tired, but I don’t need super fancy dinners and what not I just want to hang with my honey. Besides I had already set my mind on what I wanted to do for the evening.

Matt gave me the prettiest tulips, and the best part is that they are potted, so once I find a pretty planter I will repot them. I love pink tulips, a lot.



We spent the afternoon watching tv and relaxing and then went to an early hibachi dinner. This is seriously my favorite. I wish I lived closer to my parent’s because we would be eating at Miyako at least twice a month (or more if I could swing it – I LOVE IT)

Then for dessert I set up a fondue spread and we watched the Olympics and stuffed our faces more.



The best part of the night in my opinion was playing the game I made. I wanted to make something for Matt that would be personal and wouldn’t cost me a ton of money. I made Loveopoly, and created a personalized monopoly game.


I used different places from our relationship. Our first date, college, trips we took together etc. Jail was the doghouse, chance was get lucky (not in the dirty way!), community chest was that’s life and free parking was the lottery. It was cute and fun to spend the evening going back in time and thinking about all the things on the board. I lost (I always do) but this time I didn’t get angry (too angry at least) I HATE LOSING! But I love him, so it makes up for it. (but a good valentine would have let me win ;) )


** I got the idea for the game from Love Actually and changed it a little to make it mine.


How was your valentines day?

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  1. awe how cool is this lol, brilliant, both of u had a great time, well deserved, the postman isnt speaking to me because I got so many cards LOL.. take care :)