Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

While there were 13 people there, I don’t think a single picture was taken Sad smile

I cooked dinner again this year. I really enjoyed it last year, and I was happy to do it again this year and give my grandparents a break from years of hosting. I love cooking and really enjoy planning the menu and logistics of the meal. It isn’t until it is all over that I realize how tired I am!

I started Wed, night with the making of some of the casseroles and desserts ( I didn’t make pies, I had my uncle bring those)

My sous chef and I caused a little drama when we clogged the garbage disposal, but with the help of google, a new plunger and a handy dad we fixed it.

Thursday I got up early and started prepping the bird. Then got to cooking everything else.

It amazes me how calm and collected I was, until the last hour, when everything starts getting ready, and people start getting hungry. I got a little frazzled then, but managed to hang in there!

Dinner was great, and then everyone went to watch the Redskins beat the Cowboys. Highlight of my night.

Eric came to our family’s thanksgiving dinner, so Friday we got up and drove to Bethany beach to see his family who spent their thanksgiving out there.

We got in friday and it was really nice out so I made him take me to see the beach Open-mouthed smile I just wish I wasn’t wearing a jacket.


Saturday we went to Rehoboth and did a little shopping and then out to a nice dinner with his parent’s and their friends. Then we drove to Ocean City to see the Winterfest of Lights.

We bundled up ( I wish we would have brought a blanket) and boarded one of the OC boardwalk trams, and went on a ride around a park that was decorated. It was awesome!


Us with the tree – you can see my necklace kinda Open-mouthed smile


Seriously, the man can almost always get these shots on the first try (like the jason aldean concert pic) I guess that’s why he is the pro and I am not Open-mouthed smileI will keep him


These next few are some of the 12 days of Christmas




A little something for Eric


On the tram, before we went out to see the lights


We got some hot chocolate and some blinged out souvenirs (I got a blinking frosty the snowman necklace and a ring – haha I am 5, and my boyfriend took my desire for them seriously) and headed home.

Spent Saturday night, reading, doing homework and playing iPad games.

It was nice and relaxing. Which was good because I was exhausted from the cooking!

p.s the hat I am wearing got a lot of responses on FB – I won the hat from a blog give away, it came with a rose the same color as the hat. I contacted her to get a black hat and 3 different color roses. Now I pick my flower to match my outfit Open-mouthed smile

I got it from Captiv Crochet