Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Eric Mendelson Photography - A.K.A. my new part-time unpaid job

It has been Eric's dream for a while to be a wedding photographer. He wants to have his own business, but its been difficult to break into the field.

He is working with a company which sends him to weddings, and he gets to keep his images for his use, but the profit goes to them.

We had a logo created for him, and purchased a new website design that was much more feminine and sophisticated - his other site was dark and manly, not exactly wedding-ish.

I have been working on creating the galleries and getting the website running.

Next comes marketing and social media. I want to get his stuff out there and have people interested in his work.

Check out his new website Eric Mendelson Photography  and pass it on to anyone you know looking for a wedding photographer.

You can also like him on Facebook.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long Overdue Engagement Pictures

Back in June, yup June, Father's Day to be exact we met up with our wedding photographer Beth in Old Town Alexandria Virginia for our engagement shoot.

I stressed for days trying to decide what to wear, and I still don't love my outfit. But I love my pictures.

We debated location for a little bit, our first date was down town Frederick, so I figured that is where we would go. But Eric thought about Old Town since a lot of our dates were there when he would come to VA to visit me.

Old town is so charming and wonderful with many great places to shoot.

It took me a while to get comfortable being in front of the camera. I was pretty awkward at first. Eric kept making me laugh, which resulted in great pictures.

Here are some favorites, and some outtakes.

I think this is right after I said "I am so awkward"

This was supposed to be a football pose, but I have had many gutter related commented instead. HA


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Don't miss it

Sometimes I get caught up in the future I miss the present.

My friends are all at different places than me, some have kids, others just bought a house, some are in the process of house hunting, but no one is planning a wedding.

That’s ok; it means that the year I get married I do not have to juggle other people’s wedding obligations. It means that I was able to enjoy every bit of their wedding process when they were going through it. It means that I am Aunt Angela to awesome kids, which is totally amazing to me.

Sometimes though, as I walk through my neighborhood, I see the houses and driveways (b/c I park on the street sometimes far away from my house) and want to go ahead and start that process.

But the truth is, I have a home, I don’t have to house hunt and its pretty perfect for what we need right now (sorry pup, the yard will come one day.) We can live comfortably in this house, and even start a family with no issues. It means when it is time to buy a house it can be the perfect one. It means I can be picky and wait for just the right one, I don’t have to settle.

Right now things are exactly as they should be with my little family, in our nice home. It is ok to look forward to the changes of the future, but not so much that we miss exactly what we have.