Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

They said it was going to snow a lot. They didn't lie this time. I wanted to spend the weekend at home in Frederick so that I could hang out with my brother before he left for boot camp on Monday. With the news saying that the snow would start mid morning on Friday, I decided that I would try to get off work on Friday and head home Thursday. Friday at about 1 the snow started and by 10:30 we had about a foot. We shoveled twice before bed last night, and then we woke up and had double the snow. We haven't taken official measurements, but I am willing to say we have 2 feet. Dad, Kobi and I went out to shovel this afternoon. SO MUCH SNOW. Kobi didn't know what to do (or how to potty).

I will show you some pictures. It is really pretty, a pain, but really pretty :-D

This was at 10:30 last night

This is how much snow we got in about 1.5 hours. Mom just went an shoveled, then I went out a little later

My Miami Boy in the snow

Shoveling the snow looks fun, until you do it. 

10:45 this am. Yes, that is  grill, up to the door, because my dad grilled us hamburger for dinner Friday night. Good Daddy.

The road has not been touched. It went above my knees.

Kobi helping daddy

Kobi in the Snow tunnels

Dad and Kobi dog

Somewhere under there is my car.
While I do enjoy living in an apartment where I don't have to shovel, or clean off my car. I have enjoyed being at home with my family during the big blizzard. I just hope the apartment still has power, or we are going to have no food when we get home.


  1. Ummm...I think we should be best friends...

    1. Your blog is cute.
    2. My blog is cute. (I hope!)
    3. You love LOST.
    4. I love LOST.
    5. You hate snow.
    6. I hate snow.


  2. That is a lot of snow! Glad you can enjoy it with your family. And I'm glad we didn't get this storm after all - where I live.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog♥

  3. We got two feet too, with another foot on the way, blech!

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