Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Year

**I am fully aware that I am painfully behind in my blogging – I have spent the past 2 months off of school, reading, watching the west wing and enjoying my weekends with my love – not blogging – then I moved and started school and life is NUTS. I will catch up soon – but this is important**

When I was planning where I would ring in the new year 2012 – I struggled a lot. I wanted to be with my college friends. But I didn’t want to start a new year off with the drama of the past – meaning I didn’t want to hang out with my ex. I was invited to the beach (in winter mind you) with my friend from high school and a bunch of their friends. I decided I should go there. I had nothing to lose. Someone even said “hey you might meet somebody” I am pretty sure I laughed and said yea right.


I met some people, and a few days after the trip I get a Facebook friend request and then start chatting with Eric. After about a month of chatting, we hung out at a super bowl party and then decided since we didn’t have work on presidents day we would hang out. (I may or may not have taken the day off - because I didn't actually have the day off :-P)
We spent almost the whole day together, we walked around downtown for a few hours (literally walked over 2 miles) went to the movies and just hung out. I am pretty sure I spent the whole day laughing. I could already tell I really liked this guy.
It was pretty scary for me. I had been out of a 5 year relationship for about 8 months, and had gone on a few dates and talked to a few guys, but never felt anything. But I felt something with this one.
Spring came, and we continued to hang out and talk. There was never a formal hey will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend discussion – it just naturally progressed there. We decided on our first date as our anniversary.
This relationship felt different. I never realized how happy one person could make me. I could see it in my pictures, I could feel it in my heart. This man made me crazy happy.
Most mornings I get a text, wishing me good morning (I say most bc sometimes I beat him to it) and multiple times a day I get little butterflies in my tummy from something he says. We spent the summer going to concerts, the beach and ended with a little road trip to SC.
I have found someone who cares for me like I have always wanted. Someone who wants to call just to chat, even if we just finished texting. Someone who tells me I am beautiful. I have someone in my corner who gets as upset, or more upset when bad things happen to me. I have someone who truly loves me.
I have someone who makes me laugh, oh man do I ever laugh. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t crack up. I love that he wants to go and do things, will go outside and play or go hang out with my friends, but is happy with the occasional night in too.
The way I feel now is so different from any relationship I have ever been in. I am head over heels (even tho I switched to flats Smile with tongue out)  crazy about this boy.
I hope it never goes away!
I love you Eric! Thanks for changing my life and showing me what true happiness and love is.