Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Momma

March 13th was my mom’s 50th birthday. But in true Pam fashion she was busy that day celebrating Ministers Wives. We celebrated her birthday this past Saturday along with my Mema’s birthday.

Fun Fact: My mema is 75, my mom is 50 and I am 25. Fun! But I broke the pattern. Oh well, I couldn’t imagine having a child of my own right now. Nope, not quite there yet.

I made my mom’s birthday present. I thought it turned out pretty cute. So I am going to share it with you.


First I cut a piece of white paper to fit my frame, and then cute the picture to fit in the middle of the paper


Use a paper punch to cut out different patterned shapes.


I laid them all out on the glass to make sure I didn’t have 2 of the same pattern next to each other.


I started mod podge them on in lines. I also considered having them put on randomly, but I like the way it looks in a nice orderly fashion

IMG_4057  IMG_4059

Add the picture to it. I didn’t mod podge it on, because I would like to be able to update the picture.


My original goad was to glitter the words on it, but when I glittered MOM, the glitter stuck to everything not just the glue, I spent a lot of time with a wet q-tip getting it off, and I didn’t get it all. I decided to put the words that describe my mom on paper and glue them on instead. Not exactly what I imagined, but it works

She liked it a lot.I think it turned out cute.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok, I know I just posted about being blah an hour ago, but Matt just really made me smile.

He put on America's Funniest Home Videos right after I said I was going to bed.

Then he walked into the kitchen.

I proceed to sit on the couch and laugh at the tv.

Matt walks back into the room and the following convo happens:

M "I hope they never take this show off the air"
A "why?"
M "because it is like an exersaucer for a baby, if I ever want you to stay where you are and laugh I just put it on and you sit and laugh and I like to hear you laugh"
A "hahaha it's true"

It is true though. I could be in the worst mood ever, and there is something about a man walking into a sliding glass door, or a kid hitting his dad in the family jewels that really crack me up! I can't help but laugh.

I also love that Matt knows what an exersaucer is. :-D


I had intentions to write a bunch of blog posts today, but I am just in a blah mood. Pretty down in the dumps and for no specific reason.

I just don't have the motivation today. Maybe tomorrow. :(

Sorry friends. I will come back and share my 2 recent crafts with you. And My mom and mema's birthday cake.

Hope your day is good today. :-D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of spring!

Thank goodness! I couldn't take any more cold dreary weather. 

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn (actually before) and drove to my friend's house. We ran a 5K for breast cancer. Right now we are driving to my grandparent's house to celebrate my mom and mema's birthday.

Yes it is a good day, but it will get better.  How you ask? Today is free Rita's day. Oh yes this makes me so happy. I hope you have a Rita's near you so you can go get some.

Either way,I hope the weather is nice where you are so you can get out and get some fresh air.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday

When I lived at home when we ordered pizza we had one place we ordered from, the same for Chinese. So when I moved out on my own I had to find those places for myself. The problem was, I could never remember which places I have tried, and if I liked it. 

I always get sweet and sour chicken, but I am picky about the red sauce. Some places just don't do it right. Other places I have to request no veggies in the lo mein (for Matt) or extra rice because 1 carton isn't enough for the 2 of us. But keeping track of all these things at each place was impossible.

We get a lot of menus in the mail and under our door, and there are a LOT of places around us (the benefits of living in the city and not a small town)

So we keep the menus of the places we want to try. If we like it, we make notes on the menu. If we don't like it, or don't like it as much as another place, it gets tossed.

It keeps everything straight, and it works for me!

Yikes what sloppy writing! 

Head over to We Are That Family to see what else works for people!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day of Prayer

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, I have agreed to spend time throughout my day in prayer for the recruits in Parris Island.

My mom has put together a prayer calendar, so that they are lifted in prayer every single day.

I pray today, that they are all doing well. I pray that they are all safe and healthy. Today I hope that they feel uplifted and encouraged.

Austin Swearing In

I can't imagine going through what they are going through. They are special people. I wouldn't last a day there.

I thank God for people who want to last a day, week, months there. I thank God for the people who are willing to lay down their lives for me and my freedom.

I pray that the drill instructors there use their power to make the best men and women out of the recruits there. I pray that they will use wisdom and know when to keep pushing and when to back off.

I also lift the families of the recruits up to our God. This is such a stressful time for them. Not knowing how they are doing, if they are happy, if they are doing well can make one crazy.

Join me today, if you will, in lifting up prayers and good thoughts for everyone.


Friday, March 12, 2010

NYC here I come

Matt and I are going to head to NYC later this month to visit his Nana for her birthday. We have been a couple times and did some of the typical touristy things. Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Time Square (even though we will be going back there)

I am wondering, are there hidden gems that I should check out? Have you been and done something that you really enjoyed? Leave me a comment and give me suggestions. Also suggestions of places to eat would be nice.

Since I love baking, I will be checking out a few of the cupcake places I read about in the city. (thank goodness Nana's building has a gym!) Maybe I can talk Matt into going to central park with me for a little run...maybe. That would be fun. I promise not to run like Pheobe.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woo A letter!

Austin wrote my parents and they got the letter today. 
My mom said in an email  "We received a letter from Austin today and he is having a great time, though he misses us and Ariella his girlfriend. In his letter he mentions he is in an epic platoon.  They have 37 recruits and 5 Drill Instructors.  It is usually 80 recruits to 3 DI's.  Have Mercy!!!"

Holy cow! So typically there would be 26.6 recruits to every 1 Drill Instructors but my brother's platoon has 7.4 recruits for every DI.... sucks for them. NO SLACKING OFF! No wonder they jumped his crap the min he decided to take a break. 

I better get a letter soon. I am jealous. I totally sent him a text the other day. (yes again) I always remember and cancel before it goes through. I think his phone has been turned off anyway. March 20th we are having a family dinner, it will be weird not having him there. (who will eat my leftovers?)

Anyway, I am glad things coming out of his mouth are good. YAY.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did I really just do that?

I took the girls to a little program at the mall today. This older gentleman played the banjo and sang with the kids. The girls, even though they are only 10 and a half months, LOVED it. 

Then we strolled over to the food court and I fed them the lunch I packed. As I was loading Evelyn up in the stroller, I lifted her up, and smelled her butt to see if she pooped and needed to be changed (they often go while eating) then I put her in the stroller. I then realized that I just did that in front of everyone in the food court. One younger guys gave me a look like what the hell lady. 

Ooops, I guess I do these things so often that I just forget that it might be weird and gross to others. 

The scary thing is, I am only a nanny, what the heck will I be doing to embarrass myself when I have kids of my own. EEK

UPDATE on Boot camp
OK - so we spoke to someone who actually knows things that are happening in SC. 

Like I said, things were He said, she said, he said... and my mom over reacted a little lot. 

So, even though the news seemed bad, it really isn't. Austin was kicking butt in boot camp. He was doing so well in fact that they were looking at him for leadership roles. Then he hit a wall, and instead of being at the top of the pack, he hung back to middle of the pack. Which is fine, he wasn't failing, he just wasn't doing what he showed them he could do. Which made them light a fire under him. They were using scare tactics to get him motivated again. (It worked on my mom - eek. Next time if it isn't from someone official, I won't be getting upset) 

This is so very stressful for everyone. I just want to be there to tell him,  Dude you rock, have a good day today. Kick butt on that run today. Don't give up. You got this kid. But I have written him twice. I have said all those things then. I will keep writing him and saying them.

I will keep praying for him, and I hope you will too!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Wannabe Baker

My baking blog turned 1 last Sunday! While I remembered it, I just didn't get a second to sit down and write about it.

I made some updates to my blog last night and I hope everyone likes them.

Go check it out!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Duke Sucks

I seriously do not like Duke. I can't. It would be like a sin. 

Tonight is the Maryland vs. Duke game playing at Comcast Center. Watching this game makes me miss college like no other. Getting a Duke ticket was not a given, so when you got it, it was a big deal. Then you go early and bundle up and sit in the cold for a couple hours so you can get in and get a good seat. 

Now I know Terp fans have a bad reputation for being a little vulgar, and sometimes it is true. Screaming F U J.J. so that it is heard on TV is a little much. But Maryland students'  love for their team, and hate for Duke is very strong. UMD students have cleaned up their act a little. **ok mabe not - if you watched the game you know what I am talking about**

One of the best parts about the Duke game is the signs that the students come up with. Some are just hilarious. 

Man I miss being in Comcast Center. I miss standing for the whole game, screaming till my throat hurt. I miss the energy in that place. It just isn't the same sitting on my couch. Maybe I will stand up and jump up and down screaming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Maybe. 


I want to be in College Park right now! More than ever. WE BEAT DUKE!!!

Maryland is tied with Duke for #1 in the ACC. :-D Nice.