Tuesday, November 15, 2011

27 is a big deal


I had a birthday. It was perfect. I am long overdue talking about it (and many other things going on) but school is owning my soul lately. I finish classes the Sunday after Thanksgiving and then I will be playing catch up.

So October 26, 2011 I turned 27! 

Last year I set out to bake 26 different things… but life changed big time, and that got pushed away. I will eventually finish that list, but it isn’t important anymore.

So on to the celebrations!

The weekend before, my parents, brother and I went out for Japanese Hibachi. It is my favorite and it was so good. Such a fun, dysfunctional time with the family!!


This is what happens when my mom makes us take 50,000 pics


Mom’s big mouth… drums and gongs and lots of embarrassment!


Yes dad thanks.. we know!

On my actual birthday I woke up and went down stairs and was greeted by two adorable two year olds singing to me and a plate full of pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with turkey bacon! Open-mouthed smile YUM!!

The girls sang to me ALL DAY! Seriously. ALL DAY. I may have loved it a lot.

We had a little play date with 2 moms I am friends with. I walked into balloons and cupcakes. I even let the girls have one Open-mouthed smile 

We may have had a little silly photo shoot too.


We love our sunglasses Open-mouthed smile 

Then Meredith and David made me a super yummy steak dinner and chocolate brownie cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. (OH MY GOD! So good!)

Then my new friend Lindsay and I went out for a birthday cocktail.

The Friday after my b-day, all my college peeps got together for Mexican Open-mouthed smile 

I was really worried about my birthday. I tend to love October, and countdown all 26 days til my birthday! I was still excited, but it was a little more subdued. I was worried I would be sad, or lonely on my birthday. But I wasn’t. I felt so loved and so happy all day! I have a lot of great people in my life! Thanks everyone who makes my life so great!

26 was a good year, a hard year, a year of changes but it has nothing on what 27 will bring to me.

At 27 I will be PRing in a half marathon (yes, I will PR that baby!)

At 27 I will continue to focus on me and my health.

At 27 I will keep on kicking grad school butt.

At 27 I will run a marathon (well it actually will be 2 days after my 28th birthday, but whatever)

At 27 I will cross off at least 2 things from the bucket list.

27 will be the BEST year yet!!