Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Lately

Classes started - this time I am taking 2 classes. I feel like I am never caught up, and I haven't even started with big assignments. The one class has so much reading and the textbook is impossible to understand. I feel like I re-read pages a lot and I still don't get it. It is one of the most poorly written textbooks I have ever read.

A few weeks ago, my parents had to put our kitty, Spencer to sleep. He had stopped eating and peeing, and when they took him to the vet they said he had a huge mass in his abdomen, and there wasn't  much they could do for him. I got him when I was in 7th grade, so he was an old kitty and so putting him to sleep was the best thing for him, anything else would have just prolonged his suffering. I was much sadder than I expected. Spencer and I haven't had a good relationship since 2003ish. He started getting really nasty with me around college time, and so we just tolerated each other. But I have fond memories of Kitten Spencer and his beanie baby raping* ways. Silly Cat.

Spencer liked the paper at christmas

My runs lately have been great and FAST. I took some time off for the wedding and for traveling to FL. I was a bit worried they would suck after all of that, but I PR'd (personal record) a 5k last night on the TM. Sweet. My awesome running coach and I have created a plan to get me a sub 30 5k by mid January. This prompted me searching for 5ks in FL. I found an awesome one where you run around the track at the Daytona Speedway... Please tell me that wouldn't be amazing... I think I might priceline a flight and if I can get one for super cheap I am going to do it! Why not!?

This weekend we are doing a fun activity. Buy With Me had a deal for a discounted ticket to Drink and Hunt  a scavenger hunt pub crawl. Sounds pretty fun! Hopefully we win. :-D

I will post a recap of my trip to FL soon.

* Spencer used to steal beanie babies from us. Then we would hear a loud growling and meowing from another room... and we would find him, um, having his way with the poor beanie baby. Perv! I did get it on video tape in high school. Back before we could put videos on the internet. It was funny.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Ben B!

This past weekend my college roommate got married.
I was so excited to be a part of it all. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a ton of fun.
It almost made us forget about the nightmare of our dresses. But we all had the same dress, and the fit (for the most part)
Here is a quick review in pics.
Meg was SO Beautiful
Bridal Party
Carol Dory Beadle and Me ( I can’t remember to call my friends by their married names)
The guest book was so cool. It was a picture of a peacock (the theme of the wedding) and we put our thumbprints as feathers and signed it! SO COOL!
I LOVED my hair!!
Wedding cake – sugar peacock feathers
this was before I started double fisting the drinks Open-mouthed smile
I love them
This is the new tradition…
I had so much fun at the wedding and the festivities leading up to it. Mostly I just loved being with my friends

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not even a Hurricane can stop this party!

Meg’s bachelorette party was set to be a bar crawl through some fun bars in the National Harbor. Thanks to a great Groupon deal we got a NICE big room at the Gaylord National Hotel. This hotel is beautiful with a HUGE glass atrium (the glass thing should be noted later) over looking the water.

We decided we would spend the afternoon at the pool, then get changed and head to dinner then out on the town. There was a Dueling Piano bar, a country bar with a mechanical bull, an Irish pub and the rooftop nightclub at the hotel on the list of places to hit up.

As the weekend got closer, talk of this Irene Bi-otch started saying that she would visit on Saturday night.

Oh yes, please, lets have a hurricane while we stay in a GLASS hotel, on the WATER and plan to walk to a bunch of different bars, not to mention the whole pool thing.

We watched the weather and decided we would still go to the hotel and make the best of it!

That we did!

First we skipped the pool and went to the hotel and decorated, then gave Meg some fun gifts.


Our goodie bags Jill made – with little bottles of booze, hair ties, pain meds, ponchos,bead and snacks!


Gotta give the bride to be some fun presents Open-mouthed smile


Group shot


Then we got changed and headed out to dinnner in our Little Black Dresses


Going out in our LBDs


and ponchos!!


Jill and Meg at the Yummy dinner.

Dinner was at Grace’s Mandarin. It was SO GOOD

Then we headed to Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar. Where we had a blast! Since the rain was coming down sideways we decided not to leave until we were ready to go to the nightclub at the hotel.


Beer tower


The Bride to Be and Me



Jello shots


We got Meg on stage and they sang to her!

We had a lot of fun there and ended up staying really late. Then we decided to head to the hotel around 2. We ran in the pouring rain to the hotel where we were met with glow sticks and the news of no power. Irene you nasty girl! We had lights, but no elevators.

We stumbled up 7 flights of stairs to our rooms and hit the hay.

It was a great night! I think everyone had fun! I did!