Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Witness to History

I don't watch the news often. Hardly ever. I don't like to hear about all the bad things going on. If I want to know the weather I look it up online. If I need scores from the game last night, I go online. If I want to know the major headlines...yup online. So while I knew the miners were still stuck in the mine I didn't really know how close they were to rescuing them.

Last night while I was running I was channel surfing and saw on CNN that they were about to start the rescue mission within the next hour or so. I said a little prayer for everyone and went about my evening. At about 11 when I finally settled into bed, I switched over to CNN to see how the rescues were going. I saw that they were 12 mins into pulling the first guy out.

So we watched. We watched as the first guy came out and hugged his 7 year old son. They cried, and I sat in my bed watching tears streaming down my face as I saw history. 33 men lived inside a mine for 69 days. That is amazing to me. The CNN reporter last night said that 19 year old miner sent a note up yesterday that said "There are actually 34 of us because God never left us down here."  That gave me chills.

I have been watching the rescues during nap time, and they just got the 17th guy up.

One day our kids will read about this and watch the videos of the rescues. I am just really glad I turned on the tv when I did. The people of Chile have done a great job keeping the faith of these men alive that they will be rescued. They worked for days to make it happen. I can't imagine being the family members of those down there. Standing there waiting the 15 mins for the capsule to come up, man, I would be going insane, giddy with excitement to finally wrap my arms around my person!

I hope the rest of the rescues go smoothly!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Things

1- It is that time of year when Uggs come back. Now - I know many people love them, and that is fine. I know they are very warm. I personally don't like them. But that is fine. Uggs just aren't my thing. But what makes me crazzzyyyy is when I see some chick running around in a short mini skirt and uggs! OK - if it is cold enough for uggs then it isn't warm enough for a mini, and if it is warm enough for a mini , what the heck are you doing in uggs?  This used to make me crazy in college, because all the girls sported this look and I wanted to scream. :-D

2- I have not been blogging much. I don't really have a good reason. Sometimes it is because I am busy others I just don't want to sit on my computer. But I do sit and read blogs I just don't feel like writing them. I don't know why. I hope I get my blogging mojo back because I enjoy it.

3- I made a test recipe for my college roommate Carol's wedding cake. Now I am really excited to make the cake. Just a little nervous about the cake getting to the reception venue in one piece and getting set up on time.

4- Next weekend I am going to NJ/NYC for Carol's bachelorette party and I am really excited!!!

5- It is almost my birthday - also really excited for that. I am always really excited for my birthday, but I never want a big deal made. I just like annoying everyone for the 20+ days before it reminding them that it is almost my birthday (and waking up on the 26th and screaming IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!)

6- I need (and want) to get back to running. Starting tomorrow.

7- Saw Social Network last night - I really enjoyed it.

8- My favorite restaurant is Houston's. The only one in the area closed down a while ago. I was so sad. I LOVED their chicken fingers. They were soooooo good. Well last night Matt and I tried a new restaurant and I ordered chicken fingers,  and they were just like Houston's! SCORE!!!

Want to see some pics from FL?

I want to be on that boat!

My BEAMING friend Amanda - Most beautiful bride ever!!