Wednesday, October 31, 2012



It is still a dream. I can't believe I did it!

Full recap to come, once I get pictures from my professional photographer :-D

Friday, October 26, 2012


26 was a difficult year. When I turned 27 almost every card I got said something to the tune of 27 will be your best year yet.

I smiled, said thanks I hope so, but I didn’t really believe that would be possible.

But I hit 27 running. I focused on my running, and on school and kicked some major booty in both.

I  ran a half marathon with my dad and PRed my half marathon time by 40 + mins. and I have spent the majority of my 27th year training my heart out for my marathon, which happens in two days!


I am a semester and a half away from my first masters degree. Something that seemed so far away and almost unattainable

I got a tattoo!


In my 27th year, I focused on the relationships that meant the most to me. I spent time with the people in my life that keep my head up when things got hard.

I went on a family vacation and made memories with them.


I had lots of fun adventures with my friends, camping, concerts, beach, weddings and trips.







I have learned to trust another person again. Trust that I won’t wake up tomorrow blind sided and heart broken.


Starting a new relationship was hard. I often felt crazy, terrified that I wouldn’t see the signs and end up hurt. I was afraid to let go and let it happen.

But slowly, I have learned to trust Eric and trust in our happiness (I may also ask him all the time if he is happy – probably should work on that Open-mouthed smile )

The thing is , I always thought I was happy, but I see now, I wasn’t. Now that I am truly happy and in a relationship that is healthy, I see how miserable I was. My friends saw it, and if they had told me,I would have gotten mad. I had to live it for myself. I see it now.

I see it in pictures, I see it in my attitude and outlook. I am happy.

My 27th year WAS the best one yet. Life is good, I am doing well at the things that make me happy and I am truly very happy.

The exciting thing is, my 28th year will be the best year ever. Bring it 28! I am ready for you and the adventure you take me on!!

Thanks to all my Family and Friends for making 27 the best year ever. There is no way it would have been without you. FACT.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fashion is Funny

I don’t stress myself out keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, especially with my hair.

I have always done the long straight hair thing. Last October, I chopped a good 12-13 inches off and had a cute short (short for me, just touching my shoulders) hair cut. I kept it up for about 9 months. But I got tired of having to get a cut every 6 weeks, and having to spend extra time styling it.

I used to do full color, but I quit doing that about 2 years ago, and would occasionally do a highlight when I found a groupon.

My last highlight was February.

I haven’t felt like spending the time and money to do it. So I didn’t. Whatever, you can see some roots, but spending the summer out in the sun helped that a bit too.

Last week I took the girls to get haircuts and the girl cutting their hair asked if I had my hair colored. I said yes, a while ago.

She said it looked like I had ombre coloring done. I had no clue what she was talking about and I wasn’t even sure I understood her correctly, because she has a thick accent.

I came home and forgot about it, until I saw a pin on pinterest about ombre hair.

So I googled it.

Apparently my laziness has put me up with the fashion world! It is the trend now to have your hair dark at the roots and gradually get lighter. Who knew?!

Awesome, I will hold off on a highlight til it is no longer in fashion, until then, I am going to pretend this is on purpose!



p.s. it is really hard to take a picture of yourself trying to show hair color with a cell phone. Open-mouthed smile

Monday, October 8, 2012

Charleston SC

You may or may not know this, but my best friend lives in Charleston, SC.
I have been  there once before, and I have read and talked to many people that have been there, and I was in love with it before I even went.
Eric has been working with the Washington Kastles, DC’s World Team Tennis team. He was asked to travel to SC and shoot the finals.
He was going to drive, and it was just a weekend, so I invited myself along.
Now, I want to live there FOR SURE!
It is so cute and I wish I had more time to explore.
Friday when we got in, we checked in and rested from the 8 hour drive ( ok – I didn’t need to rest, I slept in the car, but Eric drove all 8 hours like a champ- and I tried my best to annoy him in every way possible so that he knew what he was getting into Open-mouthed smile )
Then we met Aubrey and went downtown for dinner.
We went to Hyman’s Seafood. I don’t like seafood, but I like steak, so while they chowed on Shrimp and Grits and Clams or something like that, I went to town on my steak. Open-mouthed smile
One thing that excited me most was the boiled peanuts they brought to the table! Who needs a bread basket!

Also, our table was famous (as was every one there)
Saturday, Eric and I got up and went back downtown to explore in the daylight. We had breakfast at Toast. SO GOOD. Amazing grits. YUM.
All those pics I was trying to get us and the boats in the pic- and failed.
Eric doing Eric things
Aubrey and I did some shopping and laying on the beach while Eric worked.
Sunday, Aubrey gave me the grand tour of her life. Where she lived, where she lives now, then drove out to Isle of Palms. Adorable beach and I love it there.
So I am moving to SC ok. You can come visit me. Its an easy drive Open-mouthed smile

Oh and let me toot the boyfriend's horn a little here --- He got his picture published!!! On USA Today Sports! So proud of him. :-D   click to see

** I swear Aubrey was there – It is amazing how we used to take 5000 pics every time we were together EVERY SINGLE DAY, and now when we see each other every, NEVER we never take pics!**

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Country Music

The end of summer came with two more concerts. We went to all but one at Jiffy Lube Live, and at all of those we had to endure rain.

But rain makes it fun Open-mouthed smile Even though I was less than thrilled about rain at the Jason Aldean concert. I didn’t want to look like a drowned rat for my Meet and Greet.

But first, Brad Paisley


Waiting for the opener


It started raining right before Brad came on, so we hid from it, it got cold this time getting all wet, but the concert was great and we had a lot of fun.

My dad makes awesome friends. His friend Lee, is a promoter for Jason Aldean. She got us (Mom, Dad, Austin, Allie, Eric and me) tickets and meet and greet passes.

Luke Bryan was so cute, and a great performer and Jason’s show was amazing as well!


watching the side stage performers


Luke Bryan ( I am in love )


Waiting for Jason






I love this picture. My boyfriend takes good pics Open-mouthed smile HAHA


Mom and Dad


Eric and Me (haha Eric is CHEESING)


Austin and Allie

We had a blast Thanks Lee!!

This summer was great having someone to go to country concerts with. Someone who had fun and enjoyed them makes all the difference. 

It was a good summer. Now on to fall adventures.