Friday, August 30, 2013

You know what they say about Daddy’s girls…

Actually, I have no idea what they say about them, and I am not going to look it up, I just hope it is good things…


Today is a big day!!! My daddy is another year older today!!


I am a daddy’s girl, oh yes I am. I am 28.5 and I still will crawl in my daddy’s lap if he is sitting in his chair – sit and talk for a min (then my butt/arm/leg gets a cramp or falls asleep and I have to move).


I try to text, email or call my dad almost every day (though with the start if this new job – my communications with everyone are a lot less – and now that my mom texts and emails – I think she took the top spot for daily communications)



My dad is the man who keeps me sane and brings me back to earth when I am freaking out.


Happy birthday dad! Thanks for always being there for me.




Making me laugh all the time.

218221_10100319792614888_4093242_o (1)




Inspiring me to do great things.


Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved!


Thanks for always presenting the logical side to the situation.



Giving me big shoes to fill, and supporting me as I grow up and into an adult.



Instilling in me a love of learning ( though, I am stopping at 2 masters- you can be the DR of the family)



Supporting me and my dreams.


I love you daddy! You will always be my main man and I will always be your biggest fan, no matter your rock star status in Frederick; No one will love you more than me! I always say you got lucky in the daughter department, but I hit the jackpot in the daddy department!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Color Run 2013

Eric is not a runner – I used to be a runner. I am working on being a runner again.

I signed us up for this race knowing that we would walk most of it, but figured it would be fun for us.

It sure was. The color run was awesome. We walk ran the whole thing and really enjoyed it.

If you get the chance to do a color run/run or dye/ or any of those new races – do it, totally do it.


All clean before the race


Seriously love that boy.



Monday, August 12, 2013

One lucky girl

Sometimes I don’t believe it is true.

I used to dream of this. The random text messages to say hi. Calling just because. A message on my iPad late at night saying I am thinking about you.

(ok his habit of taking screen shots of me on Facetime is kinda creepy Open-mouthed smile - at least I am smiling in this picture – usually I am making a dorky face!!)

It’s not flowers, or random gifts. Nope. But its every single day a reminder or two or three of how much he loves me. I’ll be focused on work at my desk, and look over and see a blue blinking light, which means a text from Eric. 90% of the times its just 3 simple works I love you. (sometimes I miss you – but usually I send that one Open-mouthed smile)

If I am there in person I don’t have to compete with games or sports (in fact, usually he is competing with school work – but that just means he gets to play his games while I work)

It was unexpected, I wasn’t looking for love. But I guess that’s how it works. You find it when you aren’t looking for it.
I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe living an hour away)

I found someone who loves me for me,no matter what. Even when I am stressed to the max and have a complete breakdown, when I am HANGRY (you know - angry from hunger), or silly and boarderline annoying...I am still his favorite.

I love that I laugh all the time now.

Still not sure how I got so lucky. But I am sure glad I did.

(p.s. – I swear he wears more than just that tee shirt! I just noticed that the 3 pics I pick from June, July and May – the boy is wearing the same shirt! HA!)