Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COLD and other random things

I am cold. It is like my bones have frozen and keeps my body at a constant state of COLD. I am totally over winter. I know that this winter is really not much different than any other, but it seems to me that we have spent more days in the 20s and below freezing than not. My body apparently doesn't know how to keep me warm. I wear a hoodie almost everyday and I am still cold. I make the girls come and sit over near where the heater is blowing when we do activities because I am so cold. Even now I am wrapped in a blanket. I used to not be cold at home, we keep the temp set pretty warm (around 72-73) but even at home I am wrapping in a blanket it seems. I don't think there is a medical reason for all this. I just think I need some spring and summer in my life.

Dear winter, thanks for visiting. While you have been a better guest than last year, I am going to have to ask you to move on now.

I run this risk of a major jinx by saying this, but I have survived 3 rounds of snotty noses, coughs and just plain miserable little girls. The days when the girls are sick are really hard. I spend 90% of my time wiping noses and snuggling (the latter is not so bad!) while trying to avoid the germs myself and keep the other one happy too. Most amazing is that I have yet to get a winter cold. I give the credit to the almost 2 years I worked at a daycare and caught every cold that walked in the door, and to the 10 pills I take everyday. I might look like a 50 year old woman when I pull out my little baggie, but those little babies are keeping me healthy.

I take
1- fish oil (good for heart and some say helps prevent breast cancer)
2 glucosamine and conjointin pills (good for joints and with running so much it couldnt' hurt - plus it will help when I get older)
2 calcium - I don't drink milk and some days I don't eat a lot of dairy, so this is pretty important for me.
2000 IU vit D- only in winter, but sure seems to add some pep in my step
1 500 mg Vit c
and 2 Flintstones chewable (with immunity support) - I heart these the most!

I made it my 2011 goal to take my vitamins more consistently and I have been doing a decent job of that! YAY.

Can we talk about how January is almost over! WHAT ON EARTH!! Seriously, life is going so fast!!

I was just worrying about what to get Matt for Christmas, and in the back of my mind I was like I need an idea for his birthday too, now its only a month away!! CRAP!


Still haven't found a replacement ring. Sigh. I miss it. My hand feels naked.


I want a kitten. Badly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am really angry!

Angry and disappointed.

Matt got me a very pretty ring for my birthday in October.

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed one of the diamonds fell out. I also noticed that the bracelet I was given for valentines day is also missing a stone. I emailed Zales and complained. They lady wrote back and said that I could take my ring in and return it because it was within the 100 day period for a refund. That made me happy because I love this ring, I think it is beautiful and dainty.

So we go to Zales tonight, and the lady does the refund, but isn't refunding the full amount Matt paid. He paid a $10 merchandise tax when he bought the ring online. But the woman said she couldn't refund the tax. I asked why not, he paid it and is going to lose money. Her only response was well you can call them. Call who I ask and she said them. Then showed me I could spend my own money to mail this ring back to them and maybe get a different amount refunded that way.

I was getting really angry and Matt just said forget about it and got the refund for everything but the $10.

Now the plan was to return the ring, and then buy it again online (in the right size this time)but now I am not so sure. I am angry at the company and I don't really want to give them my boyfriend's money (or mine!) but at the same time, I love that ring and I haven't really found one anywhere else that I like.

Ugh what to do what to do.

Off to email them again and complain some more. GRR. Maybe I am just grumpy (like the girl who was helping me (or not so much) at Zales tonight)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I Hope that the first morning of 2011 finds you happy and healthy! I spent last night with good friends at a small party. I totally ran off at one point to watch New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys perform on ABC and had a little dance party alone in my friend's room, while the rest of the party sat and made fun of their attempt to come back. It is OK. I have no shame. :-D

I know I haven't updated about Christmas, but lets just say that all the Santas in my life did very well!! Remember the post where I listed everything I wanted? Well I got 50% of that list! Including one super surprise!!

Matt surprised me with my Garmin!!! I was shocked! Best present ever! I also got NKOTBSB tickets. Can't wait for June! I also can't wait to torture my mom with this concert!

The girls and my grandmother both got me a stock pot! Score! (I never knew people pay attention to my ramblings :-D)  I am returning the one from my grandmother and getting some other kitchen gadget. Maybe a nice grill pan or something. Haven't decided. 

My brother also went on a hunt to find me the glass bowl for my kitchen aid. But I guess everyone else put them on their list (and their family did the shopping before Christmas Eve!) so I have a gift card for the amount, and I requested Bed Bath and Beyond email me when they are in stock! 

I got Epic Mickey too! I have only played it once, because we have been so busy, but life slows down a bit now so I expect to be really good soon (HA! It is hard!)

We did our normal Christmas eve routine. Church then Waffle House. A few friends joined our family and we spent the time laughing and telling stories. Always a good time. Christmas was really good. Spending the day with family. It of course had the normal hilarious moments lots of joking around. Food was amazing as it always is. My Mema always cooks the best food and then I snacked on Grandmother's leftovers for dinner! I gained about 40 pounds that day! Good thing I was excited to run the next day!

So today starts 2011, and a time for everyone to make resolutions to go to the gym more, and really frustrate me when it comes to running after work! I have not been good at resolutions and keeping them.

This year I will set goals. Goals feel like less pressure.

  • Run a 5k and PR in it 
  • Run my first 10k
  • Run my first 10 miler and at a pace no slower than 10min miles
  • Run another half marathon and PR
  • Run outside more
  • Do yoga 1x a week
  • Get over my fear and try a Zumba class
  • Do some form of strength work 1x a week
  • Take vitamins daily
  • Drink water at restaurants 
  • 1 vegetable and 1 fruit with dinner daily
  • Healthier snacking
  • Only drinking diet soda ( which means I won't order soda out at restaurants because I only like diet sunkist , diet mt dew and diet A&W rootbeer)
  • Fold the clothes the day I wash them (or if I put them in the dryer before I go to bed - right away the next day) and put them away
  • Clean up dinner dishes before bed
  • Eat dinner at dinner table (which means keeping it free of clutter!!)
  • Keep the clutter under control! No more piles!
The list looks pretty long, and I know some of it will be pretty hard. I really want to keep the house cleaner. I tend to let piles of stuff build up. Hopefully I can report in 12 months that I met a lot of these goals