Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sad Day

Rest In Peace Mr. Fischbach. You were my favorite teacher, even if you taught the subject I liked least.

Yes, I know I fell asleep in your class a lot. But it was first period, and you turned out the lights to show a movie in a classroom with NO WINDOWS. I couldn't help it. Besides, I know you enjoyed flicking my ears to wake me up.

I never held it against you that I NEVER once won a doughnut in the weekly doughnut raffle. It is just my luck.

Even though I hated History classes, the discussions we would have as a class daily were great. I learned more from spending that hour in a conversation than I did reading textbooks and listening to a teacher lecture.

You made class fun, and that is hard to do at 8am.

I didn't know a student that didn't like you. You always said hi to me in the hallway. Your sense of humor was  refreshing.

You never gave up on any student. The world needs more teachers like you. You will be truly missed. Thank you loving your job and loving the students.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I need help

Matt and I are going to a LOST themed party. Everyone going was assigned characters.
I got Claire, Matt got Charlie.
Now I have to make a choice. Do I go as pregnant Claire from the beginning? Or Crazy Claire from now.
Pregnant Claire costume would include, a dress somehow stuffed to make me look 9 months preggo, an empty jar of peanut butter and wavy hair.
Crazy Claire would have gross nappy hair(not excited about this , or even sure how to do it) dirty clothes, dead animal skull baby.
Now I am leaning towards pregnant Claire because Matt is Charlie and Pregnant Claire and Charlie love each other.
But I think I should get some more opinions. So, Lost fans out there… which Claire should I be. Answer the poll to the right and let me know. Leave comments with other costume suggestions.
I will post pictures after the party. :-D
**all images are from google image search – I searched crazy claire and pregnant claire. I forgot to save the sites so I could give credit.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 years

Saturday was my 4 year anniversary with Matt.

4 years ago, we were up until like 3 am, working on a group paper that was due the next day, I still hadn't responded to his confession that he likes me. I was still trying to figure out if I could see myself as more than friends with Sap. I finally let him off the hook. My life was changed forever.

I could no longer refer to him as Sap (what everyone called him, but seriously, I couldn't be like "hi, this is my boyfriend Sap"), and really threw my friends off when I would talk about Matt (who is Matt?) Our friendship grew, we spent all free time together, often watching food network and not doing homework/studying (sorry dad)

Little did "sap" know he was getting a broken girlfriend. The first 4-6 months of our relationship I wasn't right. There were things going on in my life, broken friendships and family issues that were taking a toll on me. I lost a lot of who I was during this time. My motivation to do well in school was slipping, some days just getting out of bed was impossible. I put on my game face, and hid the fact that I felt all wrong inside for a long time. I finally decided to go and talk to someone at the health center at school. I went to two meetings and just talked to someone, I got good advice on how to deal with the feelings I had. And slowly I started to feel normal again.

I tell you this because it is the one thing that breaks my heart and at the same time makes me love Matt even more. While he may not have known I was depressed, he did know that I cried a lot about things because it was usually to him. I still get really sad when I think about how I wasted some of the early days being sad about friends who shouldn't be called friends and allowing them to hurt me over and over. It breaks my heart to know that I allowed people to make me so sad that it took away what should have been some of best times in our relationship. But no matter what, Matt was there. He would hold me and let me cry, rub my hair and tell me it is all going to be ok. He didn't deserve a broken girlfriend, but he stuck with me, and helped me put all the pieces back together. He was my rock. Some how through all of  my mess he fell in love with me, and me with him.  Lucky for me, I got a great man. He loved me through it all.

He is my best friend. He makes me laugh everyday. He supports everything I do, even when it is insane (like wanting to run 13.1 miles) I could go on and on, but I am sure you all are already barfing as it is.

We spent Saturday hanging out at home. Had a bottle of wine to celebrate and then later went out to dinner at my favorite Japanese Hibachi place. Then we came home and watched a movie snuggled on the couch. Pretty low key, but just perfect.

Thank you Matt for loving me for 4 years. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I Love You!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This breaks my heart

UPDATE:  Thank GOD! 136 emails were sent to the school system last night, and starting Monday morning, Islaam will being going to a new and safer school. Read about it here

I have been following the story of Jane's son, who was jumped out of no where by a bully. She is having a time trying to get him transfered to a school where he isn't in danger. If I could go to school with him everyday to make sure he was safe I would. No child should ever have to be terrified to go to school. The bully was arrested, but it didn't matter, he is still continuing to torture this poor boy.

Princess of Sarcasm and her blogfia are working to help Jane and her son. Please take a second to read his story and shoot a quick email to the school's principal and/or superintendent about this issue if you don't mind.

Please keep Islaam in your prayers, he is terrified to leave the house, and isn't eating much. Sigh, this just isn't right!

Jane and Islaam, you are in my prayers!

We Are Beautiful

Kim over at Mom Tried It decided to take a stand against negative self image and invited us all to join her.

We all have things we would like to change about our bodies, but what it comes down to is that we are all beautiful despite those things we would like to change. We are beautiful to someone, our mothers, significant others, friends, most importantly to God. God doesn't care if you have a little muffin top, or bat wing. God only sees the beauty that is within.

I have been working hard to lose weight and be happy in my own skin, and even though I get told I am beautiful and that I look good, I need to believe it. It is a constant struggle I have had since middle school. I didn't always have people in my life telling me the good parts, they just pointed out the bad. I finally have someone in my life to helps me overcome my negative thoughts and I am actually starting to believe it!

I am not as brave as Kim, you are not going to be seeing my in my bathing suit (sorry) but I am going to show you one of my most embarrassing and most self conscious about parts. My feet.

I know, how silly of me to fret about my feet. But they are gross. They are dry and cracked and no amount of lotion seems to help that. If I could afford a weekly pedicure then I could possibly save them from the damage  of daily running, but I can't. My 2nd and 3rd toes are a little webbed. They are just not cute like some people's feet (or even like they used to be)

The things is even though I don't like my feet, I am thankful I have 2 feet to allow me to run. Running is my new passion, a passion that I have have been slowing starting to really enjoy, but a passion none the less. I really enjoy how I feel after a good run. I am thankful that my feet and legs work and allow me to play with the twins. I could never keep up with them without them. My feet have taken me many amazing places, and I know they will take me many more. My little webbed toes even make me different from the average person, and I match my momma! So even though they need a little TLC, they are beautiful. (but someone please tell Matt that :-D )

Today, all day, celebrate yourself. No negative thoughts about yourself. Only thoughts about how beautiful you are!  Because you are, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

Monday, April 19, 2010


**** I thought I posted this yesterday, but it didn't - sister fail***

Today is my little brother's 21st birthday. Austin has been through a lot, and overcome even more to be where he is today. I couldn't be prouder of him. He is spending his birthday in boot camp, and I hope that he has a good day despite the abuse he is probably getting. I hope my card at least made him smile.

Don't you worry Austin Lee, we will celebrate your birthday May 21! Love you kid!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Remember today

April 16, 2007 tragedy struck the school of Virginia Tech.

I was in college at the University of Maryland. I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was panicked trying to get ahold of friends that go there and felt such strong saddness. UMD held a vigil and it was so sad. Every year on this day I try to keep the families of all those lost in my prayers.  I can't imagine what they feel on a daily basis.

Stop today and remember Virginia Tech, because today ACC rivalry doesn't exist in my heart. Today we are all hokies. 

Big day at boot camp

Today my brother takes the qualification test on the shooting range. If he passes he will have a may 21st graduation. Good luck buddy. I know you will do great.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a week

This week was exhausting.

The twin's cousin who is 11 was in town. It was nice having an extra set of hands, but we planned an outting every single day.

We went to a puppet show, the Natural History Museum, The National Zoo, and other fun things. The days went fast, but left me exhausted at the end of them, only to go to bed, get up and load everyone up to do it agian.

Matt's mom also came into town on Wed. She went to the zoo with us on Friday. I think she had fun playing with the babies. Saturday we went to the Air and Space Museum to see Hubble 3D. It was amazing and very, very cool. Then we walked to the Capitol and ate lunch at the welcome center and then toured the botanic gardens in DC. A lot of fun. We went to dinner at some family's house. Always nice to see them. Then we came home and watched a movie and crashed.

We watched The Hurt Locker. The movie was stressful. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really enjoy it either.

Today we walked around Del Ray, one of my most favorite neighborhoods in Alexandria. It is my goal to live there one day. I saw today that they just opened brand new apartments, and are building more. That is awesome, except we just resigned our lease here until Aug 2011. I guess living in Del Ray can wait another 16.5 months.

I hate posts without pics, but I forgot to get them from Matt's mom before she left. :( I will add some when I get some emailed to me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Swap: Thanks Stephanie!

I signed up for Jerrica's Easter swap.

I filled out a survey about my favorite Easter things. Then I was assigned a partner to buy an Easter surprise for.

I had so much fun picking out things for my partner Stephanie.

I left for NYC and when I got home I had a package waiting for me. WWOOO HOOO!

I got some cute things.

A table runner, a photo album, lotion, cookie cutters, starburst jellybeans (MY FAV)and lots of other sweets, all wrapped in the cutest little bag.

IMG_4168IMG_4172   IMG_4170 

Thanks Stephanie! I love it! (and the starburst jellybeans are already gone!)

Yikes I am a pig!

In other news, I was in Target today and I found a bag of starburst jellybeans with only the red and pinks! OMG! I basically pick out all the reds and pinks anyway and leave Matt with the others. This bag was made for me. So I bought it, and started snacking. Good thing I ran 3.5 miles today!