Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Bubba/Ashley

I moved in with the family I nanny for over a year ago. They don’t have pets, but decided this summer to join the foster pet program at the local shelter.

We were given Bubba. A 10 year old, 24 lb MALE cat.

But bubba didn’t respond to bubba, and when we asked, they said that his name was originally Ashley. That makes sense… and he totally responds to Ashley.

After spending 2 days in hiding, Ashley is deciding this place isn’t too bad, and wanders around the house.

Lately he as spent a lot of time in my room. Which I don’t mind one bit since I have wanted a cat for a while now.

My only issue with him is his determination to get UNDER the covers at 5am, or his attraction to sitting ON my laptop resulting in popped off keys (from his claws when I pulled him off) and somehow turning a setting on so that my computer makes a sound like an iPad when I type. FUN.

He is a sweet kitty, and is curled up next to me as I type this.


Hiding day 2


This was take by a 3 year old, so the quality is lacking, but you get a good idea of his size

IMG_20120806_164920Just hanging out

IMG_20120806_230350Face timing with Eric (Eric loves this cat, and if he wasn’t allergic, he would have adopted him by now)


How he sleeps at 5am

IMG_20120806_232835IMG_20120808_104624Helping with homework

IMG_20120808_135210IMG_20120808_171411IMG_20120808_192353IMG_20120808_202649Checking his Facebook?


He always attacks my hands when I type on the iPad


His favorite place to sit, on the laptop!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life is good today

A little over a year ago around now, I was in a rough place.

My life, everything I had planned for it, everything I thought it was going to be was flipped upside down and I had not much clue which way was up.

Lucky for me, that didn't last too long. My parents, friends and family rallied around me, and supported me through it. They listened when I needed to talk, they encouraged me when I needed it, they distracted me when that was needed too and they kept my eyes on the good things.

I didn't stay sad and lost long. I dove head first into school and running. I went home and spent time with my friends most weekends and I stayed focused on the good in my life.

As my heart healed, I began to see all of the positive things that were coming from such a negative experience for me. I was in a better place, and headed in a better direction.

Today, a year, a month and some days later, I sit here writing and can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in years. School is going well, I am 2 semesters away from my first degree. I am in the middle of Marine Corps Marathon training, and while it is SO HARD, I know I will be so proud when I finish that race. My family is good, happy and healthy and I am even dating someone, someone who makes me super happy.

Life is seriously good.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eubanks Family Vacation 2012

My family’s vacation track record was pretty crappy. Bad things always happen on family vacations.

Mom and dad said a while ago they weren’t taking us anymore.

That’s what they thought. Like I said before I hijacked their vacation!

So we loaded up EARLY on the 4th of July (SO LAME DAD) and headed out… but not before mom made all of the beds in the house, you know, so when the burglars come in, they don’t judge us for NEVER making our beds.


Seriously, we NEVER make our beds, except when we are leaving for 10 days!! Makes no sense to me, but whatever momma wants right? Open-mouthed smile

The gps says 11 hours to GA so off we go.

Dad drove and mom and I slept in the back for the first part.


That’s mom under the blanket… hahaa

After a while, mom took over the driving, and I moved to the front to try and write a paper (only worked for a little before I got carsick)

and soon, a very iconic part of ym childhood came into view.

The GA peach butt


Growing up in GA and traveling to MD every year, this always meant we were getting close to home. Even as a 27 year old I got excited knowing we were almost to Jefferson.

We finally made it to GA and headed to our friend’s house, then over to Pott’s farm for some dinner. A little fun fact, one of my favorite artists these days is Brantley Gilbert (remember when I met him?) He grew up in my old home town, and was friends with the family who owns the farm and their sons. The farm makes it into a couple of his songs. It was pretty cool to drive around the place being mentioned in the songs.


Thursday we spent it with Daddy Brooks. Daddy Brooks was my adopted granddad when I lived in GA. I spent many a Sunday afternoon at his house beating him and his wife Inez in Uno.

We went to visit him and he had the most adorable kitten, named , Kitty. I played with Kitty, mom and dad played cards with Dorsey and Diane and Austin fished.


I was in love


Friday was a big day. The main reason we were in GA was so my mom could cash in her big Christmas present. A chance to drive a real NASCAR on a real NASCAR track. So at 4am Mom, Dad and I drove to Atlanta. 

She did it! She went 138 mph! Totally bad ass and crazier than I would ever do! (working on getting the videos compiled into one – then I will post it)


Getting in


There she goes


After, yikes I look tired and in need of some makeup!

After that, it was my turn for an adventure.

I wanted to go to the GA aquarium, and the coca-cola factory.

The aquarium was awesome, but I think I like the Baltimore one better.


Massive manta rays


Whale shark


A little backstory: I lived in GA for 7 years, for 7 years I talked about going to the Coca-cola museum, for 7 years I didn’t get taken. Then when we visited, I mentioned it, but it never happened.  My parents visited, alone, and went and I was so crazy mad! So I said WE ARE GOING! So we went. And it was cool, but we were getting tired, it was crowded, and just wasn’t living up to the hype I gave it.

The tasting room was cool, and kinda gross sometimes, you could taste sodas from all over the world. Some were good, others were down right nasty!!


The shining moment was in the tasting room, they had Barqs Red Cream Soda. I love this stuff, I used to drink it all the time in Mississippi when I visited my Aunt Nonnie and Great Grandmother Mary. I can’t find it now, I may have tasted, 3 or 4 full glasses Open-mouthed smile


that is my dad’s hand btw



We were exhausted and headed back home. Saturday we had lunch with an old friend, and then got ready for a big dinner that Janice made for us and many people we really wanted to see this trip. It is so hard when you go back because you want to see so many people but there isn’t much time. This was a good compromise.

Austin spent a lot of time fishing at the pond behind the house we were staying at. The southern lifestyle works for him, he loves it and says he is going back there when he gets of the service.


Sunday we went to church, our old church, and then headed to Florida.


But not before Austin said goodbye to his best buddies Sassy and Sissy


I didn’t take many pics in Florida, but we spent all day Monday at the beach, Tuesday we went shopping and hung out around the house, and Wed, the boys and I loaded up and drove home. We left mom to stay with her friend Bonnie. Florida was great because we didn’t have to do anything, we just relaxed.


Austin with his new friend chuck