Thursday, September 11, 2014

A long overdue update

I thought that once I finished schoil I'd have all this time and I would get back to blogging and maybe even wake up my long forgotten baking blog.

Turns out working full-time, getting home at 9 pm daily, having a dog and planning a wedding doesn't leave much time for that.

But one day I will. Eric wants to get into food photography, so if I dust off the baking blog it will at least have better pictures.

So what is new?

Well let's see. Wedding wise I am in a good place. We have the venue, food, DJ photography and videographer picked.  This past weekend I found cake stands and figured out the look of the cakes. I found my dress a few weeks ago.

Mom and I had two appointmenst one Saturday.  I was dreading dress shopping. I was worried about how I would look, nervous I wouldn't love anything. Mom really wanted to go to this place about an hour away in PA. I wasn't sure what the obsession was but I made the appointment. I am so glad I did. The girl helping me was amazing.  I found my dress, I tired on 7 but ended up with dress #2. I was so excited. I wanted to show everyone, but I finally had to stop because I wanted some pepole to be surprised come May. The best part is my mom's wedding veil works perfectly (once I get the funky hat thing taken off and a nice comb added)

I am working on flowers right now, I have an appointment with a local florist to see about them making my bouquet, the table flowers and other decorations are so simple we just need the flowers ordered.

Eric and I need to spend some time building the corn hole games for the yard at the venue.  That will be a weekend project really soon.

Aubrey is coming up in October so hopefully we pick the bridesmaid dresses then.

It's all coming along I'm getting so so excited.

In non wedding news Eric and I have almost finished our bedroom makeover. I plan on doing a post about this and go room by room, something along the lines of from bachelor pad to beautiful home. I still need to get some artwork, and our bedding (which is on the registry so I am waiting until after the wedding to get that) but our room looks amazing and I love the color we chose.

Enzo is great walking off leash now, being such a good dog. I'm so happy I have him. I love him so.