Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who am I?!

I ran 7 miles this weekend. Outside **gasp** without music **falls over in shock** who the heck am I these days.

I run more runs outside than on the TM and I prefer it that way. Even though it is getting colder so I am not sure how much longer I will prefer it (and why did I sign up for another winter race again?!)

Typically I throw on the iPod and try to get sucked into the music. But since I got a new computer I had to reformat my iPod and I lost all my running playlists. I have been to busy lets be honest here, lazy to remake them. So I end up running to stupid songs and inevitably if you happy and you freaking know it comes on right around the time I hit a wall. I am certainly not clapping my hands! (oh the joys of having work music on my personal iPod)

But lately I have just let my thoughts wander. I don't really know what I think about, but because I don't have a timer of about 3-4 mins going off (when songs change) time goes faster.

So I may have been converted to an outside runner - maybe.

Also, I fought with a finance midterm ALL weekend. I just got my score back (my teacher grades super fast!!!) and I got an 84%. Now I figured an A was out of the question, this thing was HARD. But this is the first non A I have gotten this semester and I am really pissed about it.

The old, undergraduate me, would have been like Sweet I didn't fail, lets go to the bars and celebrate. But now I am just mad about it. I probably should have waited til tomorrow to check to see if he graded it. But I didn't. Grrrr.

Who is this person?! Is this what a 27 year old looks like? (nope not til Wed at least :-D )

Monday, October 10, 2011


I did it again...

Congratulations! You're registered for the 2011 Hot Chocolate 15K - DC

Your bib number is #59371

       Angela  Eubanks
       Female - October 26, 1984

Because 9.3 miles outside in December seems like fun.....right? Oy, 

Friday, October 7, 2011

6 miles

So I have been pretty busy with school and stuff. I totally blew off my 5.5 mile run last week and I didn't run at all this week. Until this am.

I went to mom and dad's last night. I slept in and at about 9 a drug my butt out of bed, ate a banana and laced up the shoes.

I ran my dad's 6ish route and it was almost exactly 6. I added an extra turn to make sure I hit 6 when I got back home or else I probably would have just gone inside :-D 

My run today rocked! I felt strong the whole time. I got tired at 5.5. and my knee was hurting - so I walked the .05 up the hill and then finished the run fast and strong. 

Love a good run.

A few things I learned :
1- 6 miles through walkersville is BORING. 
2- I need to trim my toe nails :-D Yay new blister (sorry for the TMI) 
3- the library doesn't open early during the week (i had to hold it fro 2 more miles til I got home - again sorry for the TMI)

Now the weather is amazing and I am going outside to play. I just finished some school work out there. I really want a pedicure, but I don't want to waste the weather. Do you think they would do it outside for me? Hmmm

I promise I will be back with fun stuff that has been going on. Promise. :-D