Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Which way do you roll?

There is a debate between Matt and his mom, and many other people I know. Which way is the right way to put the toilet paper on the holder? Matt and I both agree that the paper should go over. I think when it goes over you can always find the end of the roll. When I lived at home, no one really paid attention to which way it was put on. I don't know how many times I have gotten up in the middle of the night and went potty only to spend 5 mins in the dark spinning the roll around trying to find the end! (what you don't pee in the dark at 3am?) Cottonelle even has a country wide poll. I am interested in seeing how my readers feel about this. Vote in the poll on the right. Then go to Cottonelle and vote too!


  1. definitely over. I've had cats and kids, and nobody has ever spun it out of control.

  2. It just has to be over!!! I'm a new follower!