Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say a prayer for Haiti today

We all know what happened in Haiti is so tragic, yet we all may be at a loss for what we can do. I know I am. I can pray and pray for them, but I still feel like that isn't enough. I wish I could help more, but I can't go there, and besides the$10 I added to my next cell phone bill, I really can't afford a grand donation. So I will pray. I will pray everyday. Tonight while I run, I will pray. Tomorrow while I wash baby bottles, I will pray.

Someone is doing something amazing, Ree, the Pioneer Woman is offering a different type of give away. She is donating 2 - $500 donations in the winners name to the charity of their choice to help in Haiti. How absolutely generous. Not only that, but for every comment entry that she receives, she is donating $0.10 (there are over 3000 comments right now.)

What a wonderful woman she is for doing this! Go leave a comment, read some of the prayers and uplifting comments that are being left there, and help give to Haiti. HERE is the link.

Say a prayer for Haiti today.


  1. I love that she is doing that! I know what you mean, I can't do much but I can pray. Some may not realize it, but prayer will help them more than the money. There is no telling what the Lord will do. Even though it's a tragedy the Lord always knows what He is doing!

    I am here from Friday Follow, and I so look forward to reading your blog!

  2. I am now a follower from Friday Follow - Rita @

  3. Thank you for following and linking up at Trendy Treehouse

  4. I know I'm a couple days late but I'm stopping by from follow me friday. Wish I had known about Ree's giveaway sooner...that women is amazing.