Saturday, January 16, 2010

The West Wing

I have tried to take my parents on a West Wing tour twice now. The first time the only room you can take pictures of (the press room) was going to be closed to tours so we decided to wait. Now with all the Haiti stuff all tours today are canceled, and guess when our tour was. Bummer. At least they don't live to far away so rescheduling is not a huge issue. Still a little bummer. I finally caught the twins cold. I could feel it festering in my head and lungs all week, and I woke up today feeling like BLAH. Bummer. I have to go bake and cook today, never fun when you don't feel 100%. I am ready for summer. K? Thanks.


  1. I didn't even know you could take a tour of the West Wing. How do you sign up for that??

    Here following you from Friday Follow :)

  2. My boss works at the White House. If you know someone who works there they can get tours, but since 9/11 there aren't public tours anymore.