Monday, January 11, 2010

Water for Christmas

October 2008 Jody Landers came to our church and poured us all a glass of clean water kool-aid. Last year people gave up Christmas presents, and ran fundraisers. Then throughout the year people gave x amount each month. Jody posted some stats about the past 14 months and how much impact we have had. The following is from here blog. This sent chills down my spine! I am so excited for the clean water movement!

"Numbers (as of Dec. 31, 2009):
In the 14 months that Water For Christmas has been in existence, the total of money raised is $275,000.
Which amounts to $650 dollars a day for 14 months.

In just November and December of 2009: $175,000.
That is equal to 55 community wells.

The total can and will solve very close to 1% of Liberia’s water crisis. (that’s more amazing than it sounds. :-) Yes, we still have work to do…)

And these are my favorite:
That’s 13,750 people.
32 people a day for the last 14 months have received the life-changing gift of clean water."

Who knows what this year will do for Liberia, but I am super excited to find out. If you want to join in the fun go here and read about it, then consider what you can do. I personally can't always do $20 a month, every month, but I am giving a percentage of my tax return.You do what you can, and what your budget allows for. Mine is tight, but my tax return isn't factored into my budget, so taking a percentage off the top won't even hurt me, and hopfully it can help a few people who need it more than me.

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