Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have a confession to make

I don't think there were many books assigned to me in high school that actually read cover to cover. **GASP** I know. I love to read, I just love to read what I want , not what someone tells me to. I read them enough to know the answers to the quiz, or I looked up the story on the internet. Sometimes I did really well on the quizzes, sometimes not so much. The good thing was that the book quiz was never a big part of my grade and I could always make up for it with other assignments. (sorry mom and dad)

So now, I have decided that I am missing out on some classic books because high school Ang was too busy reading Cosmo, Seventeen Magazine and random other books.

I am currently reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. 

After that I plan to read Ender's Game.

The rest of my list is:
The Giver
Animal Farm
The Lord of the Flies
Watership Down (I may not actually read this one - I hated what I did read, but I will give it another chance)
Jane Eyre
Animal Farm
Catch 22 (not assigned in HS but still one I should read)
Catcher in the Rye
The Crucible
The Great Gatsby
To Kill A Mockingbird ( I actually did read this, but I want to read it again)
Of Mice and Men
Native Son
Slaughter House Five
Romeo and Juliet
A Clockwork Orange
Emma ( this was assigned in college - I didn't write my paper on that book so I didn't read it)

Are there others I should read? Please give suggestions. Did you read the books assigned in high school? What were your favorites?


  1. I did read the ones assigned. I didn't have many assigned in high school, which is strange, but my 8th grade year I had a ton. I always loved reading them though because I have loved reading since before I can remember. It wasn't like an assignment to me.
    We read The Great Gatsby as a class in 8th grade, and it is one of my favorite books to this day. So is To Kill a Mockingbird. In high school we read A Lesson Before Dieing, and it is amazing. I definitely suggest reading it. I did read The Giver in high school, and I was one of the only ones who didn't like it. I dunno, it just didn't entertain me at all.

    (Thanks for answering my camera question! I'll be sure to look at Canon's as well.)


    Back in the day, I read most of the assigned books...well, a lot of them anyway. Animal Farm, 1984, The Crucible. Some I just couldn't get into, so I faked my way through it.

    Years later I had the same feeling that I had missed out on something, but it wasn't so much the stuff that was assigned that I didn't read but the stuff that wasn't assigned. For instance, I never had a class in which either Catcher in the Rye or Lord of the Flies was assigned. As an adult, remembering what controversies there were surrounding these books, I read them just to see what all the fuss was about. I even got the Cliff's Notes and used them as they were intended to be used--not as a substitute for reading the books but as a study guide for better understanding the books. They helped. You may want to do the same.

    One I'll add to the list: The Adventures of uckleberry Finn. Twain was a genius, and this was his best work.

  3. Excellent choices. You must read "Little Women" and Pride and Prejudice."