Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woo A letter!

Austin wrote my parents and they got the letter today. 
My mom said in an email  "We received a letter from Austin today and he is having a great time, though he misses us and Ariella his girlfriend. In his letter he mentions he is in an epic platoon.  They have 37 recruits and 5 Drill Instructors.  It is usually 80 recruits to 3 DI's.  Have Mercy!!!"

Holy cow! So typically there would be 26.6 recruits to every 1 Drill Instructors but my brother's platoon has 7.4 recruits for every DI.... sucks for them. NO SLACKING OFF! No wonder they jumped his crap the min he decided to take a break. 

I better get a letter soon. I am jealous. I totally sent him a text the other day. (yes again) I always remember and cancel before it goes through. I think his phone has been turned off anyway. March 20th we are having a family dinner, it will be weird not having him there. (who will eat my leftovers?)

Anyway, I am glad things coming out of his mouth are good. YAY.


  1. Awesome! some news is better than no news! Hope you get a letter soon! I have a devotional book (Yellow Ribbon Devotional) that helps me remember to pray for our troops - it's excellent and I highly recommend it!

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