Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of spring!

Thank goodness! I couldn't take any more cold dreary weather. 

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn (actually before) and drove to my friend's house. We ran a 5K for breast cancer. Right now we are driving to my grandparent's house to celebrate my mom and mema's birthday.

Yes it is a good day, but it will get better.  How you ask? Today is free Rita's day. Oh yes this makes me so happy. I hope you have a Rita's near you so you can go get some.

Either way,I hope the weather is nice where you are so you can get out and get some fresh air.

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  1. So, you could say this is a BLAH{g} post? Hahahaha...why do I think I'm funny?! ;) Anyway, I TOTALLY know what you mean about blah days...I had a BLAH week last week....not fun!