Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did I really just do that?

I took the girls to a little program at the mall today. This older gentleman played the banjo and sang with the kids. The girls, even though they are only 10 and a half months, LOVED it. 

Then we strolled over to the food court and I fed them the lunch I packed. As I was loading Evelyn up in the stroller, I lifted her up, and smelled her butt to see if she pooped and needed to be changed (they often go while eating) then I put her in the stroller. I then realized that I just did that in front of everyone in the food court. One younger guys gave me a look like what the hell lady. 

Ooops, I guess I do these things so often that I just forget that it might be weird and gross to others. 

The scary thing is, I am only a nanny, what the heck will I be doing to embarrass myself when I have kids of my own. EEK

UPDATE on Boot camp
OK - so we spoke to someone who actually knows things that are happening in SC. 

Like I said, things were He said, she said, he said... and my mom over reacted a little lot. 

So, even though the news seemed bad, it really isn't. Austin was kicking butt in boot camp. He was doing so well in fact that they were looking at him for leadership roles. Then he hit a wall, and instead of being at the top of the pack, he hung back to middle of the pack. Which is fine, he wasn't failing, he just wasn't doing what he showed them he could do. Which made them light a fire under him. They were using scare tactics to get him motivated again. (It worked on my mom - eek. Next time if it isn't from someone official, I won't be getting upset) 

This is so very stressful for everyone. I just want to be there to tell him,  Dude you rock, have a good day today. Kick butt on that run today. Don't give up. You got this kid. But I have written him twice. I have said all those things then. I will keep writing him and saying them.

I will keep praying for him, and I hope you will too!

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  1. LOL I just got a visual of you smelling the baby butt because I've done that too. Hilarious the things we mommies (or nannies) do instinctively and don't even think about it. :)