Friday, March 12, 2010

NYC here I come

Matt and I are going to head to NYC later this month to visit his Nana for her birthday. We have been a couple times and did some of the typical touristy things. Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Time Square (even though we will be going back there)

I am wondering, are there hidden gems that I should check out? Have you been and done something that you really enjoyed? Leave me a comment and give me suggestions. Also suggestions of places to eat would be nice.

Since I love baking, I will be checking out a few of the cupcake places I read about in the city. (thank goodness Nana's building has a gym!) Maybe I can talk Matt into going to central park with me for a little run...maybe. That would be fun. I promise not to run like Pheobe.

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  1. Hi there! I enjoyed being reminded about Phoebe's running style! Have fun in NYC! I've never actually been there except for LeGuardia Airport, which I can't even spell correctly. Anyway, I'm a new follower! Have a great Friday! Check me out at AGalNeedsAtLeast2Blogs!

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    Haha, I love that episode of friends!

  5. I love that Friends episode where Phoebe is running!!

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  6. I'm by no means an expert, but I did love the new park (the one up on a converted section of train track)

  7. Hi. Coming over from FF. I love NYC and it is one of my favorite regular visits. There is a great restaurant in Little Italy called Angelos. And I love Chelsea Market too. If the weather is nice, go to Zabars for some picnic food and spend some time in Central Park. I could go on for an hour. :)

  8. One of my favorite restaurants is Becco on the west side - near times square - Make a reservation now because it is popular with the theater goers - the best part is it is price fixed - $22 all you can eat pasta dinner and $17 for lunch. Very crowded between 4 & 8. Go see a play! Do you know about twofers? In times square there is a TKTS ticket booth where broadway show tickets are 1/2 price for that days perfomance - you never know what shows they will have but you can usually get some good ones! Central Park Zoo is another favorite and Museum of Natural History (as in Night At the Museum). Have fun - hope the weather cooperates!

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  12. I always go to Carmines when I get to NY. Its a family style Italian restaurant...big.. HUGE portions. You order and split things. They have a chicken marsala that is insane good!

    Have fun!

  13. Oh my, the Phoebe running episode. Thanks for the good laugh again.

    You'll have a great time in NYC. I don't have any real gems, but I just lot to get out and walk there. Walk and explore.

    Have fun! And happy FF.

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