Thursday, February 2, 2012

January is over already?

Not sure how it is February 2, but it is! It feels like April 2 though! You don’t see this winter hating girl complaining though.

So I made goals for January, and I feel like I did pretty well.

Lets look back:

-No missed training runs: Well, I haven’t run since Jan 12, but I am not calling this a fail. I did something to my knee and it hurt to run. So I stopped and tried to let it heal. It is getting better, I did a slow half mile on Tuesday that was pain free. Slow and steady and I will get to race! I go to the dr tomorrow just to be sure!

-lights off, tv off, computer and phone away by 11(on work nights):  I did really well with this one, until school started. Then 11 turned into more like 11:30 before I put the books and computer away. However, on more than one weekend night I was in bed asleep by 11. OH how old I have become

- 3 water bottles a day: Easy Peasy

-church 3 times: Happy to report that I went to church 3 times in a row, twice in a row to the new church – however, looks like 3 of the 4 Sundays in Feb I will be in the Frederick area. And it starts over again….this time I won’t wait 4 months to go back!

-Put away clothes after laundry: I did my laundry again yesterday, and everything is put away and hung up, except the stuff on the drying rack! Go me!

February goals are all similar and with the exception of the goals that are repeated or changed a bit, I plan to keep working on the January goals since they are all good for me!


Drive like the girls are in the car- I don’t know about you, but when I am driving myself I drive stupider than when I have 2 precious lives in my hands. (ahem, mom and dad, please skip this part)  I use my phone while driving and not just for making calls, I drive faster, sometimes more angry.. yea its stupid but true. One day I was thinking, if I can drive safer with the girls why can’t I for myself. So the phone stays in the purse or in GPS mode while I am drive.

Cross train and or lift 2 times a week- I have done a lot of cross training in January, thank you knee, but I need to be better about it in the future even when I am running. I need to spend some time doing some strength work too. Good thing I have a new gym membership to help me with this!

Stay ahead of class reading- right now I am reading for next week in all of my classes. That’s great, but its easy to fall behind and end up scrambling to get the reading done and get the assignments finished, I don’t want to do that this time. Being hurt has really helped me with this, I can read while I elliptical, I can’t read while I run.

Sleep by 11:30- this means lights off by 11:15ish. School will wait til tomorrow, always will.

Vitamins Daily- I go through spurts of doing really well taking my vitamins, I suck these days. I need to get better about it.

Clothes away- its nice to not have baskets of clothes laying around.


So that’s February, now off to get some reading done before the girls naps are over!

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  1. nice work keeping up on your goals! I just bought one of those sunday-saturday medicine boxes which has helped me remember to take my vitamins :)