Monday, February 13, 2012

I love my job reason:123456789

I often call the girls baby. I am not calling them a baby, just my little name I call them. 

Today I called Sylvia baby because she was sick and I said "let me get you home baby" She said, I am not a baby. 

I explained that she is right, she isn't a baby. She is a big girl, but baby is a name you call someone you love, like sweetie, honey, darling.  I asked what she would want me to call her. She picked Honey. 

Evelyn piped up with "call me Jelly!!!" 

I died laughing! 

Every am, the girls have a waffle or English muffin with peanut butter and Honey or Jelly (you guess who is who!) 


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  1. I love reading about your little ones Angela. Being a nanny has to be awesome, sorta like a daycare mommy like me. I so love my little ones.
    I wish we lived closer (heck in the same state would be cool). I don't have a running partner and I think I would do much better if I had one. I'm not brave enough to ask any of the people at the gym especially since I am sure they are better then I am. Anyways, loved reading about you running in the snow.
    Take care Angela and have a blessed week!!