Sunday, January 22, 2012

The good and the bad

This weekend I went to see Beauty and the Beast. It was pretty much the best ever! It was like being a little girl again. I saw the movie multiple times in theaters. We all know how I feel about classic Disney movies. LOVE.

This weekend I needed to do laundry. I am happy to report I did 4 loads. 3 are hung up to dry or folded and put away. 1 is in the dryer, but it is just sheets so I will fold them and put them away tomorrow! Yay for keeping a goal!!

It might have to be put on the next few month's goal list though, what do they say, it takes 2 weeks to form a good habit? Well seeing as I do my laundry every 2 weeks or so, I need to extend it :-D

School officially starts tomorrow. I spent today finishing up all my readings and doing my postings. This semester will be interesting I think. Nonprofit Law and Business Statistics.

So the bad - the bad is since January 12, I have run a grand total of 1.5 miles. (and that is a combined total) I did something to my knee and it isn't happy. Running kills, walking hurts, and I am sad. I am going to give running a rest and stick to the elliptical so I can heal, and start looking at a Dr. if things don't change!

I have too much coming up to get completely sidelined! I am so frustrated, and not running makes me sad. I joined a gym for 2 weeks (free trails YAY!) and will be ellipticaling, biking and swimming my heart out. I pray this goes away! I want to run and not lose everything I worked for!


  1. Sorry to hear about your knee :( Hopefully the low impact stuff at the gym will help you get back to tip top shape!

    I can't believe you get away with doing laundry once every two weeks. I have to do 5 loads of laundry every bloody week! It take me all day every Sunday to get it done. What a pain! I have to do two loads of just workout gear.

    Do you have a foam roller? I have a love/hate relationship with mine but if you don't you may want to look into getting one. It's totally brutal on your ITB if it's tight (which mine are) but I think it's a beneficial sort of brutal as it does release the tension (though it makes me cry it hurts so bad!). That might help prevent future knee injuries?

    1. Well, every two weeks is the max I can go. Once summer comes and my running clothes get more gross I am sure I will be doing a weekly workout clothes load. But I tend to rewear running shorts if they don't seem to funky. I know I know really gross. Its ok, you can judge me! :-D