Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Goals


-No missed training runs: no excuses, all runs must happen! I don’t care if I am tired. MAKE it happen!!!!!

-lights off, tv off, computer and phone away by 11(on work nights):  This means I will sleep more! (in theory at least)

- 3 water bottles a day: This isn’t even that hard for me, but sometimes I slack on the water drinking

-church 3 times:  I know I shouldn’t have to put going to church on my goals list, but going to a new church alone is not something I am enjoying, but I need to do it more. The more I do it, the more people I will know and the more comfortable I will be with it

-Put away clothes after laundry: this is the worst part about laundry for me. I will let my clothes sit in the basket clean and pick out of it for a while. I hope that this changes!


So a week into January, lets see how things are going. All runs ran this week! I ran 28 miles the first week of Jan! Almost every night I have had tv and computer off. One night I was on the phone with mom til 11:30, but I have been asleep by midnight every night, often before. Water is going well, except today. Must go drink some! I woke today with a headache, so I didn’t go to church, that means that next 3 Sundays I will be there! All my laundry is being done right now as we speak. I will put it away while I watch some of my DVRd shows after dinner!

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