Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Special things

A couple Fridays ago I went to visit my mom’s parents. I had a Dr. apt right up the street from their house, so I planned to stop by and visit them after.

We sat around after dinner talking and watching Wipeout, which for being so dumb, is hilarious, but we all know I have a special place in my heart for people falling (it is why America’s Funniest Videos is a show I can usually not pass when channel surfing!)

Mema brought out her little brag book to show me.  It was really neat to see what she probably took to work to show all her friends.

I took some pictures of it with my phone.


Pretty neat! Wonder what I will find next time I go to my grandparents?

I remember one time recently I was at my dad’s parents and I was asking about my dad’s Ph.D dissertation. They went downstairs and brought out this leather bound book, all 400 or so pages of my dad’s research paper. Nice. I read about a page and decided it was boring (sorry dad!) but pretty cool to see!

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