Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The time I met 2 country singers

First a little back story: I grew up in a dot on the map small town in Georgia until I was in 5th grade. Then we moved to Maryland. I still remember a lot of people from GA, and thanks to Facebook, I even keep in touch with many of them.

Fast forward to September. I am driving home from car hunting with dad in Frederick, and I am sitting in traffic at 10pm because living near Washington DC is a treat. I hear a song, and the DJ says the name Brantley Gilbert. That name sounded so familiar, then it hit me, GA! So I googled him and what do you know, it’s a kid I grew up with in GA. My mom and his mom were friends and we had play dates. We weren’t in the same grade, but I still knew who he was.  I called mom and dad freaking out. Mainly because someone from small town Jefferson GA made it big in country music!

I got the CD right away, and pretty much listened to it for 2-3 months on repeat. I was a fan!

So last Friday, my dad’s super awesome friend got me the HOOK UP. Brantley is currently touring with Eric Church and they were playing in Salisbury, MD. About two and a half hours away. Long drive on a Friday after work, and normally I wouldn’t drive that far for a concert but this was Brantley and we had Meet and Greet passes for both artists. I was so excited, and NERVOUS!


We were first in line for BG and he seemed to remember us (well, Dad and Mom really) I was just trying not to make a fool of myself!  He signed my CD and we took a picture together and then we were sent on our way. Crazy! We went and got right back in line to meet Eric Church, so that we wouldn’t miss BG’s show.

eric church2

Here we are meeting Eric Church. Apparently he smelled really good. I was super sick so I couldn’t smell him. Bummer! HA!

So on all the papers for the meet and greets it said no cell phones allowed and no cameras. So being a good girl I left them in the car. Then I decided I wanted my phone so I could take pictures of the concert (and lets be honest, I was having anxiety without it lol) But it was in the car, and we were in line, and there were huge No Re-entry signs everywhere. But in true super mommy fashion, mom once again saves the day at the concert (I guess I never did make that blog post – I will, soon actually) she talked someone into letting her run to my car and get our phones so we could take pictures. Everyone else in line had their phone even though it said no cell phones. Thanks mom!

Then it was on to the show! Here are some pictures. They are cell phone quality but look pretty good considering. The ones I zoomed in don’t look as good.



Mom and me during BG.


Lindsay and me waiting for Eric Church to come on.


This was when we stalked the trucks and buses before going into the show. You know because you never know if they might come out of there.. HAHA right ok.



I knew some of Eric Church’s songs, but after the concert I downloaded the rest of his other album and have been listening to it on repeat all week. (notice a pattern with me – I am a freak)

SO much fun! Even though I was sick, and lost my voice from the sick/singing/screaming combo, it was 100% worth it. LOVED it.

Thanks again Lee! Seriously! You made my year!

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