Sunday, February 12, 2012

Misery is better with company

My bff was in town this weekend (more on that later :-D ) We decided we would go for a run Saturday am. We talked to our friend Heather and decided on 10am.

When we went to bed Friday night it was snowing, and I thought, I swear if it is snowing tomorrow I refuse!

Guess what, it was snowing. We texted and played the I don't care, its up to you game. Since no one called uncle out we went!

We did the high school loop and then then another lap to bug our friend Richie.

Since my knee is stupid we took it slow and I did stop and stretch a few times. We ended up with 7 miles. :-D

I normally would NEVER run in the snow, but since I had friends to run with I did, and it was FUN! :-D

I suck and didn't look at the camera when my mom took the pic, and she was using a phone to do it so we didn't try to get another one because it would have made her mind explode (hehe love you mom)

Aubrey would like the world to know, the water bottle was mine, I made her hold it so i could take a pic. She said water while running is weak. I said she is a brat :-D

I LOVED running with my bff and I CAN NOT WAIT for Marine Corp Marathon with her! I really hope we run it start to finish together, but I am worried I might slow her down, so I might send her on her way!

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