Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yellow Dubmarine and Badfish

Austin and I went to Rams Head Live on Friday to catch 2 awesome cover bands.

Yellow Dubmarine is a reggae Beatles cover band, and they are really cool! I took video on my phone(it was so loud, my videos sound fuzzy, my ear didn't stop ringing til Saturday night!!), but it sucks. Of course my brothers phone took much better videos but he can’t send them to me! I am linking some random YouTube videos because they are awesome!

They did 2 of my other favorite songs. A Day in the Life didn’t make the show, but Something and Dig a Pony did!

They were really awesome, and I hope I can catch another show!

Then there was Badfish, which is a sublime cover band. Austin sang every single lyric of every single song! He had a blast!!

I on the other hand, enjoyed it, but realized just how OLD I am. They didn't come on stage til 11pm, and I was fading fast! Then the moshing downstairs started and I got super nervous. I don't get it. These people were getting shoved around so much, falling down, getting stepped on, and this is fun?! It scared me to death. One girl got her face busted! What on earth is fun about that?!

The concert was so fun! Great bonding time with my brother!

I do wonder what people though of us, we tried really hard not to look like we were together on a date!

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