Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 > 2011

That is a guarantee! 2011 was a year of change. I started grad school, my long term relationship ended, I moved,  I got a new car and I got very serious about running. Lots of other things happened, friends got married and I went on some fun trips.
2011 was hard. But 2012 looks to be amazing, it can only go up from here.
I don’t plan on recapping all of my 2011 like some people do, too much emotions there. Instead I will tell you about my ringing in the new year, and the out look I have
This year I decided I needed to go away for New Years Eve. Getting away allows me to start the year off on the right foot!
I went with my high school friend Jessica, and her husband and their friends to Bethany Beach.
I woke up on New Years Eve to amazing weather! 65ish degrees! I tried to go for my 8 mile run, but I packed for, you know, WINTER! So I was poorly dressed and burning up!
I managed to get a good run in, even though it was difficult.
We sat around watching greatest songs of 2000s on VH1 and all the songs brought back memories. Then we got ready and went out to a nice dinner.
I had the best cranberry martini (or 2) while we were waiting for dinner and at dinner. Super strong!
We went back and played lots of games. Apples to apples is such a fun party game. We rang in the new year with a bang! (though we forgot the fireworks we brought!)
So while I am late to write this post, I did write a list of goals for 2012.
Here they are.
- Run a marathon: yes, I realize this is crazy, but I am at the perfect time in my life to do it! I have no one to answer too with my free time, so I won’t feel guilty giving up 2+ hours on a weekend to go run.
-PR my half marathon:  This won’t be hard to do, as I am in much better running shape, and my last half marathon time kind of sucked!!
-Call my grandparents 2 times a month (at least):  I am very bad about talking on the phone. I don’t really do it anymore. I really only talk to my mom regularly. My dad and I email pretty often. But I often don’t check in with my grandparents enough. I shouldn’t have to make this a goal, but if I do I will be better at it. Here is to being a better granddaughter in 2012!
- Get and A in 5 out of 6 classes:  6 out of 6 would be great, but there are some tough classes coming up, some math ones, I must be realistic.
- Read 6 books for fun:  I find that reading while doing school is pretty difficult for me. I am going to make an effort to read more for pleasure this year. I just finished 1 book today! I started it on Dec 30th, but I am going to count it! Open-mouthed smile
-Keep healthy lifestyle choices: I have been doing a good job sticking to a semi paleo diet. Not as strict as I was in the past, but when faced with choices I try to make the better choice!
-Cross off 2 things from the bucket list: Some way, some how I will do this!
-Run 650 miles in 2012: This might not even be difficult with marathon training, but I am hoping I can do it!
-Sightsee in DC more: I live in an amazing city, and yet I hardly take advantage of it! That changes in 2012. Good thing I have made a friend who isn’t a local, I can drag her along too! Get ready Lindsay!
-Save money for emergency fund: This is something I have been doing since I moved, but I need to step it up. I hope to put more money in my savings account every month so that I have it when something unforeseen comes up, and it always does.

So that is my 2012 goals. I have specific January goals, but I will post those separately, this post is long enough!
Hope everyone had a great New Year! Happy and Healthy 2012!!!

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  1. Put the 'Stephanie Plum' series on your book list! Janet Evanovich is the author. Hilarious and fast, fun reads. They're turning the first one into a movie, coming out later this month ("One for the Money").

    You have great, totally attainable goals. Yay 2012! :)