Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Disney

I love you. I really do. I don't care what people say, I love you.

I love the parks so much. I love the resorts.

But most of all I love the movies. But only the old classics (and Pixar ones).

My number 1 all time favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.  It is my childhood. If it had little mermaid on it, I owned it. My lunch box, sheets, pillow, dolls everything. I watched the movie at least once a day.

I own all the VHS of the classic movies (actually my parents do, but same thing)

The thing is - I don't own a VHS player anymore.

Disney's one down fall is that I can't just go to the store and buy the Blu-ray of my favorite movies. Disney only releases them every few years for only a few months.

So I don't own The Little Mermaid. :( I didn't buy it when it was released last time (not sure why actually- FAIL)

Now, Oct 5 Beauty and the Beast comes out on Blu-ray. I need to buy it, that is probably my 3rd favorite Disney movie. So if anyone wants to give me a birthday present I won't complain. I am going to start buying the classics. For myself, but most importantly for when I have kids. One day I will have kidders to watch these movies and I hope they make them as happy as they made me. I am very anti Hannah Montana and all that new Disney crap. So I will show my kids the classic Disney. I can't wait. I can't wait til I have a reason to watch Little Mermaid every day again.

So my favorites:

1- Little Mermaid
2- Aladdin
3-Beauty and the Beast
5-Lion King
6-101 Dalmatians
7-The Rescuers
10-Lady and the Tramp

I love all the others too, Snow White, Peter Pan etc. But those are for sure favorites. Disney/Pixar movies are also great!

So Disney - do me a favor. Release all the movies soon so I can start my collection as an adult! :-D Thanks.

What are your favorite movies from your childhood?


  1. yes, the disney vault. I to have been foiled by that vault. I remember when the little mermain first came out on dvd I didn't buy it and then it went back i nthe vault and I have to wait another 5 years before I could get it! Since that happened I have been pretty serious about buyign them when they do come out. I've got aladdin, the little mermain, beauty and the beast and the lion king (although that on is on VHS so I need to upgrade to DVD the next time it comes out of the vault).

    They totally do it so they can hype the re-release up and make more money. But who can blame them, it works everytime!

  2. Loved watching Disney classics...some when I was growing up and then when our kids were growing up and now...looking forward to watching them when we become grandparents! I really, really love the computer animated movies! The details are amazing!

    Blessings & Aloha!