Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sad Day

Rest In Peace Mr. Fischbach. You were my favorite teacher, even if you taught the subject I liked least.

Yes, I know I fell asleep in your class a lot. But it was first period, and you turned out the lights to show a movie in a classroom with NO WINDOWS. I couldn't help it. Besides, I know you enjoyed flicking my ears to wake me up.

I never held it against you that I NEVER once won a doughnut in the weekly doughnut raffle. It is just my luck.

Even though I hated History classes, the discussions we would have as a class daily were great. I learned more from spending that hour in a conversation than I did reading textbooks and listening to a teacher lecture.

You made class fun, and that is hard to do at 8am.

I didn't know a student that didn't like you. You always said hi to me in the hallway. Your sense of humor was  refreshing.

You never gave up on any student. The world needs more teachers like you. You will be truly missed. Thank you loving your job and loving the students.

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  1. Do you know what happened? I've been watching FNP but haven't seen anything. He was relatively young, right? It's so sad - Walkersville hasn't had it easy the past few weeks.