Monday, May 10, 2010

For the Love of LOST

Oh man, I have been so excited for this party for over a month. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

I decided to go with preggo Claire from season 1.  I spent a lot of time brainstorming how to look 9 months pregnant. I thought basketball, but it was too heavy. A pillow was too lumpy. I seriously didn’t know what I was going to do. I was explaining to my mom what I was trying to do, and the genius said to use a beach ball!

Score. I blew it up part way, then duct taped it to my shirt. then put on a dress. I really did look pregnant. Matt was scared.

So on to the pics.
HAHAHHA GROSS. I seriously hope I don’t look like that one day when I get pregnant. (I see all these cute pregnant women. I hope that I channel their cuteness one day)

So I have the belly, and the dress, I made my hair curly and put it up like Claire did a lot on the show. The peanut butter is from an episode where Claire was craving it, and of course being a plane crash on an island they didn’t have any. So her and Charlie pretended to eat peanut butter. It was a cute scene.

Matt went as Charlie. A drug addicted rock star.
hardcore charlie
IMG_4265 IMG_4264
He also took the statue that Charlie found on the island complete with drugs stashed inside.

The girls that hosted the party went all out. They decorated the apartment to look like a tropical island. There was a section dedicated to those who died and were buried on the island. The bathroom was an homage to those who died a watery death.
IMG_4247 water death

The food was fruit kabobs, shrimp cocktail (fitting since we were on an island) and Mr. Cluck’s chicken nuggets.
lost food IMG_4252

I made a new and improved Dharma cake. I was pleased with it.
IMG_4246 IMG_4245

Drinks were served in a suitcase from the plane wreckage, a very nice touch.

and Dharma wine

There was LOST bingo and some scene reenacting. Flip cup team dead vs. team alive.  All while LOST was playing in the background.

It was an amazing party. The highlight of it was winning best female costume! Matt tied for best male costume!

Matt and I were a little nervous driving to the party. If we got pulled over it would be a little awkward to explain the powder under Matt’s nose and the little baggies full of white powder in the soda bottle. If we got in an accident, I just wanted to be conscious so I could explain that I am only pregnant with a beach ball!

Speaking of – you are curious aren’t you….
IMG_4256 IMG_4257

This party made up for the fact that I had to miss the first LOST party because of snow. (plus I didn’t have to eat a whole cake myself!)

I leave you with a poem that was on the invite to the party. It makes me really smile, and if you are a LOSTie you will enjoy it too.

Our love of LOST deserves a good love ballad -- To the tune of Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me"

For all those times you confused me
For all the lies that you made me see
For all the questions you brought to my life
For all blog theories that tried to make it right

For every plot twist that made me scream
For wondering if it was all a dream
I'll be forever thankful, ABC...

You gave Oceanic wings so it could fly
Jacob touched the candidates so they wouldn't die
They lost their faith, and so did we
But in Season 6 you gave it back to me

You gave us Locke as Man in Black
You gave us Ben, who better watch his back
I'm grateful for each day you gave me...

Maybe we don't know that much
But we know this much is true
We are blessed because we had a show like you!

Sawyer was my strength when I was weak
Jack was my voice when I couldn't speak
Claire's crazy eyes when I couldn't see
Kate always asking "can you take me?"

Kicked up the action with Sayid
You showed us science versus faith because you believed
I'm everything I am because I'm a LOSTie.


  1. first of all, i can't believe i am so stunned that i commented on which claire you should be AFTER the party had already occured! geez...

    Anyway, your costumes were great, and that party looked like it was awesome, and your dharma cake take 2 looked awesome too! And of course i loved the poem, I am after all a LOSTie!

  2. No worries - I meant to write up a teaser post telling everyone which one I picked. This was a great party.

    We will have to have a little chat about the final show. 2.5 hours long!! AHHH

  3. Awesome costumes. Good idea with the beach ball. The cake is gorgeous!

  4. I loved your costume and your cake, so cool. I never ever watched Lost so haven't a clue about any of it but your party and all sounded like it was a pretty neat show.
    The beach ball was so smart. Oh and one day you'll look as cute in real life as you did at the party.
    Take care Angela. Sleep well!