Thursday, April 22, 2010

This breaks my heart

UPDATE:  Thank GOD! 136 emails were sent to the school system last night, and starting Monday morning, Islaam will being going to a new and safer school. Read about it here

I have been following the story of Jane's son, who was jumped out of no where by a bully. She is having a time trying to get him transfered to a school where he isn't in danger. If I could go to school with him everyday to make sure he was safe I would. No child should ever have to be terrified to go to school. The bully was arrested, but it didn't matter, he is still continuing to torture this poor boy.

Princess of Sarcasm and her blogfia are working to help Jane and her son. Please take a second to read his story and shoot a quick email to the school's principal and/or superintendent about this issue if you don't mind.

Please keep Islaam in your prayers, he is terrified to leave the house, and isn't eating much. Sigh, this just isn't right!

Jane and Islaam, you are in my prayers!


  1. It is so sad that a person can make another feel so unsafe that it is necessary to change schools. I am glad that measures are being taken to protect Islaam, but as you said, it breaks my heart.

    I have come over from Bibi's and am now following. I look forward to reading more.