Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Swap: Thanks Stephanie!

I signed up for Jerrica's Easter swap.

I filled out a survey about my favorite Easter things. Then I was assigned a partner to buy an Easter surprise for.

I had so much fun picking out things for my partner Stephanie.

I left for NYC and when I got home I had a package waiting for me. WWOOO HOOO!

I got some cute things.

A table runner, a photo album, lotion, cookie cutters, starburst jellybeans (MY FAV)and lots of other sweets, all wrapped in the cutest little bag.

IMG_4168IMG_4172   IMG_4170 

Thanks Stephanie! I love it! (and the starburst jellybeans are already gone!)

Yikes I am a pig!

In other news, I was in Target today and I found a bag of starburst jellybeans with only the red and pinks! OMG! I basically pick out all the reds and pinks anyway and leave Matt with the others. This bag was made for me. So I bought it, and started snacking. Good thing I ran 3.5 miles today!


  1. Oh my gosh, Easter came early and it looks like it tasted like heaven!

  2. You did good too on the Easter Swap. I had a blast doing it and I did sign up for Jerrica's next one, Cinco De Mayo. This one will be harder, I know nothing about it but will learn really fast and see what I can find.
    Take care Angela and have blessed Easter.