Friday, September 10, 2010

Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon

I gave a rundown of the race over on my running blog - but I thought I would give you a little picture tour of the weekend.
Despite it being at Virginia Beach – I never even put on a bathing suit. I did go to the beach Sunday after the race, but I was still so hot and tired that I didn’t feel like laying in the sun. I sat on my towel and talked with friends and then walked along the water for a little bit until I got ants in my pants to go do something else.
The only pictures from the Expo I have are of the Brooks carnival.  They were doing an explanation of the new gel gunk stuff in their shoes. I also tried to win a pair of shoes by tossing a ball into a shoe – I didn’t win. :(
No trip to the beach is complete without mini golf. This was the most fun course I have played in a long time. (my 2 holes in one may or may not have anything to do with that :-D )
Eeek  - Game time!
Running through the nice shaded area
41261_630590584415_16408068_35781553_4605204_n 41261_630590594395_16408068_35781555_5921761_n          41261_630590604375_16408068_35781556_1038925_n commemorativernr
Finish Certificate     IMG_4798
R.E.O. Speedwagon :D
IMG_4799 IMG_4800            
posterrnr  rnrcertificate

The coolest medal - so glad this one was my first!!!

So much fun! I am so glad I trained hard and did it! Next time I will do it faster :-D

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  1. You're totally awesome! and I agree that medal is the coolest I've seen in a long time. Your time is amazing, certainly nothing to scoff at. I'm so proud to be your bloogy friend!

    BTW - there is this chick that takes one of my classes and the first time she came I was a little shocked because she looks just like you! I kept thinking - is that Ang? but obviously I know you wouldn't come all the way to Nova Scotia for a stupid exercise class!