Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New Meaning To Memorial Day

I never really understood Memorial Day while growing up. It was a day off school, a day when swimming pools were opened and the start of summer.  As I got older I met people who were serving in the military. Some are overseas right now as we speak. Then the meaning of Memorial Day really starts to sink in. This is a day to remember those who died fighting for our freedom and a day to say thank you for the sacrifices the members of the military make.
This Memorial Day I am spending it with my brand new Marine. Tomorrow is my last day to spend with my brother before he goes off for more training. The thing is, after training, is more training, and then he gets stationed. I don't really know how often I will see him the next few years, but I do know it will be a lot less than normal. My brother signed up to do something I could never do, serve our country in the military. I would never survive the boot camp process. I certainly don't think I have what it takes to make it through a battle. Lucky for me and most other Americans we don't have to. We have people like Austin who signed up to do it for us.
This Memorial Day please remember those who have fought for our freedom and died. Remember those who paid the ultimate price so that our everyday is free and easy. Tomorrow when you are cooking out and relaxing - say a prayer for those who are out fighting the fight for us.

God Bless Our Troops!


  1. I always attend a ceremony over here in town at the local cemetery. It's really a nice memorial and so touching.

  2. Okay, there are many things to say, so I must make a list:

    1. This post is BEAUTIFULLY written.
    2. The pictures below combined with this post make me teary-eyed.
    3. I've been neglecting on my blog-stalking duties and just now saw your LOST party.
    4. Seriously.
    5. That party looked AMAZING.
    6. You are awesome.
    7. :)