Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of the proudest days ever

After 9 hours of driving, and 1 hour of sleep we finally made it on base at Parris Island, SC.

We had to leave SUPER early because we were told that it would take a long time to get on base (which doesn't seem to have been the case- but at least we were on time) We were on base at 5:30 am. We could hear recruits yelling and marching. We were trying to find our Marine, but of course we had no idea where to look.

FINALLY around 6:30 we saw them lining up and walking over to the parade deck. At 6:45 they marched over in front of us and stretched, it as the first time we saw Austin. It was hard to find him at first, he looks different. So Skinny!

Anyway, they stretched , then went on a run through base, so all the other battalion would know who was graduating. They ran past us a couple times, got some good pics. Then we had to kill time for an hour (longest hour of life) til the liberty ceremony started. At 9:30 they gave us a talk about what the Marines had been through and rules for the day. Then at 9:50 they marched in. We were introduced to the Drill Instructors that worked with them for the past 12 weeks and then they said dismissed.

Everyone ran for their Marine. Mom and Ariella got there first (duh). As soon as I hugged him I started sobbing. I was so proud. He said he was proud of himself too! It was so wonderful to hear his voice.

We went to the barrack where he spent his last 12 weeks and he showed us around (no pics of this - not allowed) Pretty rough. The toilets didn't have doors. EW.

Then we went and had a picnic and then wandered around base.

I am going to share a bunch of pictures so my family in MD can see them since Facebook won't let me load any. LAME.

Waiting (it is still dark)
All of our signs

Please excuse my puffy eyes - I was dead tired.
The girls got their boy
Dad is so proud
Sobbing. ( I look gross)
Austin and his Senior DI
There he is Pvt. Eubanks
So happy
(Austin is the 2nd from the right)
(2nd from the left in front row)
Talking to Mema

 More to come this weekend of graduation. Now off to sleep! 


  1. How exciting! Love looking at the pics! I know you all are so proud!

  2. Great post! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. Am now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! Happy New Year!