Sunday, June 6, 2010

Am I Crazy?!

So last Friday Austin, his girlfriend Ariella and I went to Kings Dominion. I love roller coasters, but there was one I was a little nervous about.

The Intimidator 305. Imagine this - 305 feet up, 85 degree drop, speeds of (well I don't really know but it was fast)

Want to see a pic?

The part on the right is the lift hill (at least it only takes 15 seconds to get up it) The part on the left - the drop. HOLY CRAP

As scared as I was - this ride was amazing. My first time on it Austin drug me on to the front car. The ride was so fast my eyes watered. 

The rest of the park was great too - we rode the I305 twice and the volcano twice. Austin made me ride the drop tower - 272 feet up - 76 mph drop. 

Needless to say my throat hurt Friday night and Saturday. I had such a good time hanging out with my brother riding rides. 

I can't wait til he gets leave again so we can go somewhere else!

Here is a video of the ride- It just doesn't do it justice, but it is good.

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  1. No way, no way, no way!!!!!! You can't really get that stomach drop feeling from the video but the idea is there and I don't like it! LOL