Saturday, May 15, 2010

The end.

The crucible is over. My brother is a Marine.

Read my dad's post - he pretty much nails it again.

Sgt. Brian Armstrong, Austin's recruiter, said that if anything went wrong during the Crucible that would keep Austin from graduating next week--injury, failure, quitting--he'd get a call, and so would we.

And it would happen pretty quickly.

The schedule for today was Reveille at 3 a.m., nine-mile march from 4-7 a.m., Emblem Ceremony at 7:30, and Warrior's Breakfast at 8.

So at 7 a.m. I thought, "He's done."
At 7:30, "He's receiving his Emblem. He's a Marine."
At 8, "He's eating."

But it was all expectation based on the schedule. No confirmation that it had really happened.

Pam saw Sgt. Armstrong this afternoon.

He hadn't received a phone call.

We hadn't received a phone call.

It's over. He made it.

Can't begin to tell you what it feels like.

But everyone should feel this way at least once in their lives.

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  1. OH that's great news!!! My husband went through training about 5 years ago for the Marine reserves and I've heard so many stories about him going through the crucible. One included younger guys scarfing down all their food on the first day thinking they were getting more the next and then my husband 'sharing' hot sauce and salt from his rationed MRE. whew! It was tough!!!