Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You know what isn't fair.

While I have SO MANY people lifting me up, and checking on me, I still don't feel better.

My friends are amazing. Seriously.

But the one friend who always did the trick when I was down, can't help me.

I miss my best friend.

I am ready for the pain to go away, I am ready for the tone of my blog posts to go back to being happy. I am over this emotional roller coaster. Just over it.

In other, not so depressing news - I am going to Daytona, FL! I am going to visit my 2nd family. My best girlfriend moved to FL for college and her parents went with her. I am flying down the morning after my college roommates wedding (can we say hello hungover flight) and spending the long weekend with them! I can't wait. I am ready for the beach and hopefully a visit to my main man Harry Potter :-D Do they spike the butter beer there? I could use a drink!

Also, my dress for said college roommates wedding came in today. I wonder how it will fit now that I am 15lbs lighter than when I ordered it. Waiting til closer to the wedding to get the alterations done. I am hoping for 10 lbs more.

I am going back to paleo eating soon. Before I was in survival mode. Most of the time the thought of eating made me want to vomit. I ate about one meal a day, and I ate whatever didn't make me sick. Typically it wasn't paleo. Today I ate 3 meals. I also felt very tired. I know a lot of this is that I am not getting as much sleep as normal, and it isn't good sleep, since I wake up multiple times at night. I also know I felt amazing on paleo and I am ready to get back to that.

See how extreme my moods are!? I started this post sitting in the library crying... and finished it sniffling and talking about food. Hope I can focus on my paper again now that, that is out of my system!

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  1. Writing your feelings out (whether or not it's in a blog post) should help, just getting things out there instead of letting them stay bottled up always seems to help.

    I wish I could tell you the pain will go away tomorrow - but we both know that's not the truth. Just continue doing what you've been doing, if you haven't try going for even a short run, that should help you clear you mind a little, plus it might help you sleep better.

    Your trip sounds fun! Go see Harry, Ron and a gang and drown yourself in Butterbeer. Just remember when you're ready to go to the half marathon at Disney I'm coming too!