Friday, July 29, 2011

Keith Urban stole my heart and maybe started to make it better

Let's discuss this.

I was given AMAZING seats to see Keith Urban for Matt and my valentines day gift and 5 year anniversary gift. They were given in February.

I waited , so excited until July 28th. Then it all went to heck on July 18th.

I was pretty much dreading this concert.

My college roommate said she would go with me. I was excited to go with her, but I wasn't supposed to be going with her.

I also know that one song was going to suck for me. One song was the song I heard everytime Matt would call me, for a good 2-3 years. 2-3 years of long-ish distance dating and talking on the phone every night. YUP that song was going to SUCK.

So I metroed into DC alone and met Meg at Clyde's for a drink. (my daddy said it was ok to have one if it meant I would have fun and not be sad- so I do what daddy says/ i would have done it anyway)

Then we headed in - I couldn't believe the seats. My heart hurt for a second, but the opener was good and I just pushed it aside.

While they were setting up for Keith they were playing random music. Now something weird about me is the A Day In The Life - by the Beatles is one of my favorite songs. It is a weird song, but I love it. It started to play. If you know anything about this song is that the ending is weird. But Keith took the stage as part of the ending. It was awesome!

The man can play guitar. He is amazing. He is also pretty hot. I think I will marry him.
He pulled people on stage and sang out in the crowd. He gave away a guitar! WHAT?!

When Making Memories of Us started - so did the tears. I cried - laughed at myself for crying at a concert, and cried a little more. Then shook it off and enjoyed the show.

Keith ended with a song called Better Life. Some of the words of that song really spoke to me. Maybe started to heal my heart a little.

"Better Life"

Friday night and the moon is high
I'm wide-awake just watchin' you sleep
And I promise you you're gonna have
More than just the things that you need
We ain't got much now, We're just startin' out
But I know somehow paradise is comin'

Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones
Good luck's gonna shine
Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones
So hold on
We're headed for a better life

Oh now there's a place for you and me
Where we can dream as big as the sky
I know it's hard to see it now
But baby someday we're gonna fly
This road we're on, you know it might be long
But my faith is strong
It's all that really matters


So hold on, hold on
C'mon baby, hold on

Yeah, we're gonna have it all
And ooh


Oh, a better life
Hey we're gonna leave this all behind us baby, wait and see
We're headed for a better life, you and me
We're gonna break the chains that bind and, finally we'll be free
We're gonna be the ones that have it all, you and me

Just hold on tight now baby 

Ok - so he sings it to a person, but I was singing it to myself. This part really stuck out I know it's hard to see it now
But baby someday we're gonna fly
This road we're on, you know it might be long
But my faith is strong
It's all that really matters

I will be ok - some days it may not seem like it , but I will. I have faith in it. 

And now - the important stuff... pics!

Yes, Yes I did take a picture of his nice butt - whatever - you thank me for it

His guitar lit up and changed colors - I want my dad to make one like this next

Now red

And white

Tearing it up on guitar - in crazy positions

Love her! 

Totally found a piece of confetti in my bra when I got home! 

Great night, with a great friend and great music! Thanks Matt. I needed this. 


  1. ahh wonderful! i totally tried to win tickets from wmzq all week but could not get ANY of the mash ups!!
    i'm glad you had a good time!
    and those lyrics sound just right for you!

  2. I'm so pleased you had a good time!

    Kinda ironic though isn't it? That you'd get those tickets as a gift from him so long ago, and then the concert happened likely at the time you needed it the most? Life is weird that way!