Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How is it JUNE?!

Seriously?! HOW!

Ok - technically right now it is still May, but in 1.5 hours it is June.

Wasn't it just freezing cold? (not that I miss it!)

Anyway, class officially started today!

We returned home from a great visit to NC with Matt's family (pics and a post to come once they get posted on FB and I can steal them - with 2 other cameras being handed over at every photo op, I decided to just steal theirs) Did lots of fun things, hiking, tennis, and of course yummy food! Though I never found boiled peanuts :(

Friday is NKOTBSB! I may have started our 8 hour trip to NC blasting the CD. YUP!!

My good friend is getting married in 2 weeks!

Lots of fun things on the books.

Mostly work, homework, and working out (I guess my life is just WORK!)

Be back soon with sweet NC mountain pics

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